Monday, July 8, 2013

Gideon's Pediatrician Visit

We went to the pediatrician this week and didn't really learn anything more than I already know. I think being a mom makes you a little more qualified to analyze your child's diet likes and dislikes and plan how to get them healthy. The doctor kept trying to get me to feed Gideon dairy products. Funny, I continually told him "Gideon won't eat dairy products". The doctor would say "what about whole milk?" "Have you tried malts or shakes?' My answer "Yes, he doesn't like anything dairy." The next question, "Would he like it better with a spoon, You know like a Frosty?" "No, he doesn't like dairy." That is pretty much how the conversation went.

He did make a few notes of some of the foods that I said Gideon did like as I remembered them. I asked him if I was going to get a copy of the notes. He told me that I would get a hand out with all this information on it. Great. At the end of the visit he gave me a handout written by Primary Children's Medical Center with none of his notes. I just wonder why I went to the pediatrician after all. Couldn't the cardiologist have given me that same paper while I was in his office at Primary Children's?

I was glad to go to the pediatrician for two reasons, one Gideon started his immunizations. Two, we got to weigh him on a certified scale. What we found has made me nervous. Gideon lost another 1/2 pound in less than a week. That's not so good. I expressed my concern to the doctor and he showed me that from Gideon's first visit to 3 moths later at our last visit he had gained about 1 pound. He thought that was good. This was after I told him that Gideon had gained weight between the time of discharge from the hospital and his 2 week check and now he was down again. I think I will be looking for a new doctor pretty soon. If you have any referrals let me know!

I think Gideon must understand our concerns because the day we got home from the doctors Gideon started eating like I have never seen him eat before. He now eats like Preston, Sereen's little one. That is great!  He ate 3 hotdogs the other day in one sitting. Pretty healthy, right? Oh well, it's about gaining weight not heart health. At least that's what the cardio said. :)


  1. Dr. Wayne Cannon @ Bryner Clinic is awesome! I've never been to a more caring doctor than he is. If you can't get in with him, all the pediatricians at Bryner Clinic are wonderful!

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  3. Good call on wanting to find another pediatrician. If a kid doesn't like dairy and the doctor was told about it, I'd expect a suggestion about an alternative or recommend a supplement rather than repetitive questions about dairy products to try. Anyway, good to hear that Gideon's eating habits have improved. Now for that healthy diet!