Thursday, July 25, 2013

Through Scott's eyes

Deanne had heard that a camera would be a great thing to give to an older adopted child.  Holy cow, was that right! Scott is just short of 1,000 pictures with his camera in less than a week.  The follpwing 16 photos are obviously just a fraction of the 1,000.  Many of them are blurry (between not being able to hold the camera steady and not waiting for the autofocus to kick in) and sometimes there are 10 of the same thing.  But here are a few glimpses into the world according Scott....   

Creed opening a bag of dried mangos. 

Scott's soda.

Self portraits are common.

The sink drain.  I am sure if the right person painted this piece of art, it would be worth millions.


I don't know if he realized there was a mirror in back of the cabinet where we keep the snack food.  But it worked well to catch him in the act.

He gave Pierce his camera to record his good looks.

He then had to get one of Pierce's good looks. 

He often takes pictures of the Skype sessions.  Her is mom, Bria and Gideon.

Why not?

One of his favorite cartoons on the TV.  I think if we had a way to scroll through the photos he took of this cartoon, we could probably watch the whole thing.

Me making his noodles.

Almost done with his noodles.

He has taken a picture of almost all of his photos on the 3 CDs the orphanage gave him.  So now I have them on my laptop as first generation copies from the CD's and now as second generation pictures of pictures.

He has taken a picutre of almost all of his posessions.  This is a video we purchased for him today.

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  1. Sounds like a normal teenager. I know every time the kids get my phone or camera I end up with some very interesting pictures.