Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Hour and A Half

So just in case I want to delete that last post I decided to make an adoption update all by itself.

In just over an hour Doug will meet Gui (Ben) or now Scott. This has gone by so fast. Almost too fast to really process all the emotions and what may come. There has not been time to mull things over because I have been consumed with paperwork and life. In the last week we have experienced many emotions surrounding the adoption. We have also had excitement but mostly a sense of disbelief. This is really happening. Gui is real, a person, a person that we will be responsible for loving, nurturing, and teaching. Right now, it's all just so unreal and strange. We are going to have 18 kids. Did you hear that, 18 kids. Wow!

Hopefully I will be able to Skype with Doug and all three of my boys in China first thing in the morning before I'm off to a fun day. Boy do I need that fun day too! I'm nervous and excited to see Gui. I know he will have no idea what I will say which makes me wonder what I will say. This is a very new experience for us. We have adopted an older child but she knew English. We have also done orphan refugee foster care for kids that didn't know much English but they knew a little. Maybe I'll just smile a lot.

Sorry for the break in posts again. Our computer went down AGAIN. What a pain in the neck this has been. More importantly our blog keeps giving us trouble. If you want to keep up I will post little bits on facebook as well as whenever I can get to our blog.

I just talked with Doug over Skype. They are now on their way to the Civil Affairs Office. The time has come!

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  1. You and your family are awesome! You've been in my regular prayers. Congratulations on a new son as well! Thanks for sharing your poo story! :) We parents all have those poo moments, but you're already looking back and laughing, so that's great!