Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More To the Story

The family was going through all the pictures that I posted today on the post "Fun Times".  Pierce was taking the pictures and Hannah observing Hyrum.  This is the story behind the pictures.

Hyrum was playing the piano then started singing along. He was very intent on what he was doing and did not get distracted by the other 4 kids playing in the same room.  He played and sang to his hearts content, or so it seemed.  All of a sudden he closed the piano with a groan.  He flopped his arms and head onto the piano and started saying a prayer. He looked up and sat that way for a minute opened the piano and started playing again. I wish the camera had been on video.

Introducing Preston Jared Heath!


Preston was born January 23, 2012 at 8:17 (I think) in the evening.  After 32 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing Preston entered the world healthy and happy weighing 9lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long.  All is well with mother and baby.

Sereen may not like me for putting this on but we mothers make many sacrifices for the sake of our children. :))

Fun Times

We have some fun times here and have taken some cute pictures.  I just want to share some with you.

Doug said this picture would be so cute if she didn't have a runny nose. He then proceeded to tell the kids to wipe noses before taking pictures.  I had to step in there and remind him that she always has a runny nose.

Hyrum loves to sing and is now at the piano singing every day. It would be so cool if through his life he works hard enough to overcome his CP so that he could play the piano.

Hyrum the frustrated musician taking a break to pray.

Hyrum took this cool picture. Tyler you need to get to work on your photography.

We discovered that Hyrum and Bria LOVE whip cream from the can. We had some left over from a baby shower.

Hyrum's mouth is so full he doesn't know what to do.

He looks over at Creed for help.

Creed pushes the whip cream into Hyrum's mouth and he is open for the next round.

Bria managed to swallow all on her own.

Olivia told me they didn't get much sugar at her last house.  I told her that's because it's not good for you. Yup, she loves whip cream too.

Our niece Kayla her husband Kurt and their daughter came for a visit.  This is Sereen and Kayla playing Kinect skiing.

Niya playing bowling.

Clayson bowling.

We had a folding party that turned into a fashion show for Bria and Hyrum.

They wanted to try everything on at one time.  I need to tell Niya where we wear underwear.

I wish the picture was clear. What cute kids.

Bria and Olivia.

Marshall, Emma, Hyrum, Malia, Bria and Olivia.  I was trying to get a fashion shot of Bria and Hyrum but all the other kids had to be a part of it.  I couldn't get all of them looking at the camera at one time.  Bummer.

You know you have a big family when you fill the dishwasher with only bowls. Ice Cream and cereal for the family produce this stack. We do everything in bulk.

Our 26th Anniversary was on Monday.  Olivia hatched the idea to make us dinner while we were at the hospital with Bria.  The kids made meatloaf, homemade rolls, corn and jello.  They worked really hard and spent all day doing it.  This is the end product.  They are awesome!

Bria saw this picture and with a disappointed face said, "No dinner."

The Reveal and another Test

We took off Bria's bandages on Saturday night.  The doctor had warned us that it would look bad so we were prepared.  It did look gross and concerning but I am trying to have faith in the doctor. Bria's foot looks almost healed and most of the stitches are gone.  Her hand though has a couple of fingers that are swollen but I am afraid to put anything on it to help the healing process.  The best thing I know to use can sting and I don't know if  she will even let me touch the fingers.  The purple from the surgery is going away as well as the iodine so it is cleaning up.

Bria ans Hyrum went to Primary with me on Sunday for the first time.  In class the teacher had the children hold up 4 fingers.  I suddenly realized that Bria may not be able to do that on the sore hand.  We still didn't know if she had full function of all the fingers.  I must have had a look on my face that concerned the teacher.  She said, "Oh, should I not do this?"

I told her that Bria will have to get used to this because that is what she will be the rest of her life.  It made me realize that in this society Bria will probably have people that feel sorry for her and try to enable her rather than see her for who she is and allow her to adjust to her norm.

That reminds me of something that she said the day of her surgery.  Hyrum, or Di Gang as he insists that we call him now, was counting his fingers.  Bria held up her hand and said "Where Bria fingers?"  It's as though it was the first time she really noticed that they were missing.  She was so cute about it.

Yesterday we went to Primary Children's hospital for a test on Bria's leg.  We had to see if she had nerves and a specific muscle required to keep her foot in place once the casting is done.  She had to be put under again so we were a little nervous that she would be afraid. The last time she went to a hospital she came back with two owees. She was fantastic. She allowed them to put the mask on her and smiled.  Bria woke up fairly quickly this time and we were out of there within an hour of the procedure being done.

The doctor was surprised and pleased by what she saw.  Bria has all her muscles and nerves.  She couldn't tell us what that meant in terms of treatment because that is not her expertise but from what the other doctor has said this means tat Bria will not have to have a surgery and we can start on the casting process. Good news!

Here are the pictures in story form.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A New Hand

January 9th Bria had her first surgery. This procedure was to separate her fingers on her left hand and clean her toes on the left foot. Our day started at 5:00am. (I'm getting tired of the four hour sleep nights.) We had to be at Shriner's at 6:00 so we got up put on some clothes and wrapped Hyrum and Bria in blankets. Out the door we went for the 40 minute drive. 

We didn't go into surgery until about 9:00 so I don't understand why we had to be there so early. Bria did really good until they put her in the crib. When we walked into the room we saw a metal crib that resembled the ones we saw in the orphanage. In the pictures of different orphanages the cribs tend to be very similar so we assume that Bria had a metal crib. I was concerned about how Bria would react and sure enough she lost it.  I say her eyebrows turn red then her nose.  The tears came next and crying ensued.  I took her out as quick as lightning and we walked out of the room.  The nurse took some measurements and when we came back the crib was gone and her blanket was on another bed.  This was not good enough for her.  I had to sit on the bed and hold her to reassure her that I was not leaving.  All she wanted to do was go home.  She was filled with the fear we would be leaving her. Shriner's was very accommodating and we were allowed to be with her at all times that she was awake.

When the doctor got out of her traffic jam and got to the hospital Bria went into surgery. We waited about and hour and a half and the doctor came out to let us know everything went well.  They took off some lumps and cut the fingers apart.  They found that there was no webbing between two of the fingers so they used the skin from the lumps they removed to graft in a webbing. She showed us some pictures and told us Bria would be bandaged up for two weeks and we wouldn't see it until then.  She warned us that it would look pretty bad but as it heals it would be good.  An hour later they wheeled Bria to the room and she was still totally out.  We ended up being in the hospital until 2:30pm.  We had to convince the nurse to let us go.  I think she liked us because she didn't want us to go. :) We let her know that we had to pick up our son from school in 30 minutes and the next thing we knew we were handed a paper and escorted out the door.  I have never had such an easy time of leaving a hospital before.  In the end we made it just in time to pick Creed up.

Bria has done very well with the pain.  We were able to control it with Ibuprofen and she only needed that for 4 days.  She is now starting to put some weight on her left foot and doesn't say anything about it hurting. She is getting pretty tired of sitting around so she is walking on her knees to get where she wants.  She is a very resilient little girl.

I have debated if I wanted to put pictures of her hands on the blog.  I have been concerned about people response but decided that that does not matter.  This is who Bria is and there is no hiding it.  It is better to have it in the open so people can be free to ask rather than stare and talk in whispered tones. So please ask whatever you would like and we will answer the best we can. Next procedure is this coming Monday. Another day in the hospital.

Before.  There is nothing they can do for her right hand but she is very good at doing most anything she would like with just the finger and thumb.

After surgery while still drugged up.  The doll is a real American Girl Bitty Baby that she got at Shriner's.  I wish there was a way to send a note to the donors of this doll.  For all those that donate to causes keep doing it.  There is much gratitude for the kindness.

After surgery. Sorry we didn't get a picture of the foot before.  From what the doctor said we don't think there will be much of a change.

Christmas In the Walker Home

I thought I would do a picture story of Christmas at our house. I know it's a little late but between illness and a baby shower then a surgery time has slipped away. Better late than never.

Santa paid us a visit.
The blond on the right of Santa is a friend.  No we haven't gotten another child.

Ressa led the kids in baking sugar cookies.  Hyrum had to be in the middle of it all.

Grandma and Grandpa give the kids PJ's every year.  We open them on Christmas Eve. The kids love this tradition.

Spontaneous love.

Christmas Eve picture.

Older kids wanted a picture of their own.

Filling stockings takes almost 2 hours.  Any idea why?

Almost done.  Just the little gifts to go.  Oops only half way there.

Ready for Christmas morning.

The kids get a new movie Christmas morning to give us 2 more hours of sleep.  They all sleep downstairs and when the movie is over they have to wait until the camera is ready.

Before the chaos.
The simple pleasures of life. A pen that shoots a ball from the top.

I don't think Hyrum knew what to do with the tunnel.

Malia wanted a sticky hand more than anything else.  It took some doing but we found one.  I love those kinds of Christmas lists.

We're growing out of our living room. :)

Casey wanted one of the new automatic Nerf guns.  There was no way I was spending that kind of money on a toy.  I got an email alert of a great sale.  The cool new guns were more than 50% off.  Good enough deal for me but I couldn't get just one so all the boys got a gun.  They have the greatest Nerf wars!

What a doll.

And she got the doll. 

Bria loves to ride on shoulders.  Ressa obliged and then Bria had to have her doll on her shoulders too.

Bria then had to have her doll on Mom and Dad's heads next.