Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Reveal and another Test

We took off Bria's bandages on Saturday night.  The doctor had warned us that it would look bad so we were prepared.  It did look gross and concerning but I am trying to have faith in the doctor. Bria's foot looks almost healed and most of the stitches are gone.  Her hand though has a couple of fingers that are swollen but I am afraid to put anything on it to help the healing process.  The best thing I know to use can sting and I don't know if  she will even let me touch the fingers.  The purple from the surgery is going away as well as the iodine so it is cleaning up.

Bria ans Hyrum went to Primary with me on Sunday for the first time.  In class the teacher had the children hold up 4 fingers.  I suddenly realized that Bria may not be able to do that on the sore hand.  We still didn't know if she had full function of all the fingers.  I must have had a look on my face that concerned the teacher.  She said, "Oh, should I not do this?"

I told her that Bria will have to get used to this because that is what she will be the rest of her life.  It made me realize that in this society Bria will probably have people that feel sorry for her and try to enable her rather than see her for who she is and allow her to adjust to her norm.

That reminds me of something that she said the day of her surgery.  Hyrum, or Di Gang as he insists that we call him now, was counting his fingers.  Bria held up her hand and said "Where Bria fingers?"  It's as though it was the first time she really noticed that they were missing.  She was so cute about it.

Yesterday we went to Primary Children's hospital for a test on Bria's leg.  We had to see if she had nerves and a specific muscle required to keep her foot in place once the casting is done.  She had to be put under again so we were a little nervous that she would be afraid. The last time she went to a hospital she came back with two owees. She was fantastic. She allowed them to put the mask on her and smiled.  Bria woke up fairly quickly this time and we were out of there within an hour of the procedure being done.

The doctor was surprised and pleased by what she saw.  Bria has all her muscles and nerves.  She couldn't tell us what that meant in terms of treatment because that is not her expertise but from what the other doctor has said this means tat Bria will not have to have a surgery and we can start on the casting process. Good news!

Here are the pictures in story form.

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  1. Wow! Believe the doctors, her hand does look good. One year from now, you won't believe the difference.