Thursday, June 14, 2012

High Waters and Cute Face

Getting ready to go Father's Day shopping, Malia came to me for help with her shoes.

I say, "Do you really want to wear pants that are too short?'

Malia, "They're not. I'm going to pull my socks up like that." As she is trying to get her socks up to her knees.
I didn't have the heart to tell her that the socks won't cover the hole in the knees.

OK, now I feel just a little guilty.  Malia saw the picture and had to make sure that I was deleting it.  I asked why and she said, "Because it just shows a hole in my pants and my shoes.  It doesn't show my cute shirt or cute face."
So, here is a pictuer of her cute face and shirt. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

They're Falling At Her Feet

I teach the 3 year olds at church. I have some very cute kids, my own being two of them. There is a little boy named Gage that chooses to sit by Bria every week. Today he kept touching her face. I was a little preplexed at why he was doing this. Gage would take both palms and gently caress Bria's cheeks and chin. At first I was worried that Bria would get bugged by it but soon saw that she was more curious at this act. A few minutes later Gage took Bria's hand and gently carressed her fingers.

Gage said, "You have little fingers."

Bria replied, "Yep" with a smile.

A minute later Gage turned back to Bria and said in a very gentle small voice "I love you."

Brai's grin was radiant.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hyrum's Turn

Since being home from China I have been at the doctors so many times I quite counting.  Most of these visits were for Bria and will continue to be so. Well, today was Hyrum's turn. The day started by walking into the hospital at 7: 05am. We checked in and were escorted to the prep room for surgery. Hyrum was pretty happy about things because in the past there was no pain for him.  There was no fear of anyone there because people at the hospitals have been very nice and made the children love being there.  That was good for us. It wouldn't take long, however, and Hyrum's idea of doctors and nurses would change.

About 8:30 we brought him to the surgeon. Hyrum had a smile as they walked into the OR. I was very concerned about abandonment issues and me sending him off with a stranger but he seemed to be fine. The doctor took out his tonsils and adenoid to help him breath better while sleeping. An hour later they called me back to recovery. I walked in and Hyrum was a screaming mess. He gave me a new comparison for hysterical. I can say that out of 8 surgeries of children this is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Picture screams, hysteria, kicking, delirium, and trying to to rip everything out of his arms. Not a pretty sight.  As a mom I held it together well. I almost lost it twice. The first time was just from trying to get Hyrum to calm down and seeing how out of control he was. The second time I thought of how lucky he was to have a mother to sing to him and try to calm him down. Then I began to think of all the children that have to have medical care without someone that loves them. This is when the tears came.

The doctor doesn't like narcotics for the children under 4 so Hyrum was only to get Tylenol for pain. I began to pray that Heavenly Father would calm Hyrum down when the nurse decided that she was going to prepare the narcotics on the anaesthesiologist orders. She gave him a very small dose and within a few minutes he calmed right down. What an answer to prayer this nurse was. We were even blessed just to be able to have me go to recovery to help with Hyrum. At this hospital that is not usually allowed.

Because of Hyrum's CP the doctor wanted to be careful of possible complications. We were scheduled to stay overnight. After a few hours he was drinking and eating cold things with no problem. Our biggest concern was how he was going to sleep. Hyrum has struggled with sleep apnea and snoring which caused him not to get enough air. He was being monitored most of the time. We were told that most people with these problems have oxygen levels at 72  or so. Hyrum was averaging 96 while sleeping and 99 awake. He did fantastic! About 6:00pm the doctor came by to check on us and decided that Hyrum was doing so well we could go home.

He now goes off and on a bit.  He will be running around the house laughing and playing and a while later in tears. Tonight his throat hurts and he wakes up crying. I don't think his recovery will be as bad as I was warned and I will thank Heavenly Father for that.  The morning will be the worst of it according to the doctor so I will try to wake him up every couple of hours to give him cold liquid. While he is sleeping there is very minimal snoring and no more apnea at this point. What a blessing this is and an even greater blessing he is.