Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This is Ressa, the eighteen year old daughter.  I have to know how to blog for a Technology Skills Assessment at BYU so I figured I could learn by doing a post for my mom.  She thought it was a great idea because she doesn't have to feel guilty for not updating! 
    People often ask us what Christmas is like at our house and today is your lucky day because you get to hear all about it.  Christmas weekend was crazy, but it was a blast!  Christmas Eve started off with getting ready for our new family picture.  This picture's the best we could get in the midst of a crazy day. Our family changes so often that doing occassional snapshots in our living room is much more reasonable than getting professionals done every year...or sometimes even twice a year.  After taking this picture, we ran last minute errands, ate a very yummy Christmas dinner, and opened new pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa.  We read Christmas stories and then everyone slept (or attempted to sleep) in our family room downstairs.  Christmas morning found a couple kids awake at 5 a.m. impatiently waiting for everyone to wake up so we could watch our new movie, "Mr. Popper's Penguins." Mom and Dad started the tradition of giving us a new movie every Christmas morning so they could get a couple more hours of sleep. After the movie, we gave stockings to our parents that some of us had put together and then everyone ran upstairs to see what our parents gave us.  Another reason our family can be a bit of a freak show is because we don't believe in Santa.  Our parents let the cat out of the bag when I was about ten and since then, have taught all their kids that Santa was just a fun Christmas tradition.  I like it much better this way because the idea of parents convicing children something is real just to have them find it was all a lie doesn't seem right to me.  Santa's a fun tradition, but not worth a child's faith in what his/her parents teach. It also helps bring the focus of Christmas back to the Savior and His birth.  Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, we had to fit watching the movie, opening presents, and skyping with our missionary brother Britton all before church at eleven where Mom sang in a trio and sounded great!  After church, we spent two hours opening family gifts.  After everything was open and the living room was a disaster, we tried out our new Kinect games (Disneyland Adventures...YAY!), played with some fancy shmancy nerf guns, and just relaxed.  Well, there you have it, an extremely simplified version of Christmas at the Walker house. If you want more details, feel free to call my mom.  
     Now that I know how to load a picture and post words, I need to embed a video.  Oh dear, here we go!  This video had my oldest brother, Tyler and I laughing hysterically.  Hopefully it makes you at least crack a smile!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Funny Things Kids Say

Sitting in a restaurant after the finalization for Olivia, Clayson got Hot Chocolate.

 Clayson, "Mom, this is still too hot!"

Me, "Do you want some of my ice?"

Clayson, "Is it warm ice or cold ice?"

In the same restaurant, which happened to be all you can eat, so there were A LOT of gray haired people. Emma very loudly says.

"Grandma Dead!"

Her grandma died a year ago and still thinks about it.

OK, Casey has had a couple of good ones lately but these two are the best.

We were watching a special on some orphans in Uganda.  These kids were between 6 and 11 years old and cute as can be.  For those that don't know, Casey is black and so were these children. Close to the end of the program Casey says,

"It's hard to tell them apart, they all look the same."

I was getting ready to go pick up a friend about 30 minutes away.  I was looking forward to the drive down without children that could talk to me. Just my own thoughts, what a break.

Casey asked, "Can I come?"

Me, "No, I'm going to go by myself."

Casey, "Why?"

Me, "Because I need space."

Casey, "But I'm gonna be sitting in the back."

Here is a serious one.

Last week Bria looked at a picture.  She picked it up and pointed to a pictures of brownies and asked "What is that?"  She then pointed to the ice cream and said "Cold."

Bria is picking up on the language very quickly.  She is now trying to talk about more complex things that she doesn't have the words for yet. Both kids can understand most anything we need them to. It is so amazing how fast the children learn.

I was going to post this separately but decided that since I was on the computer I might as well do it now.

Bria has transformed in the last few weeks.  For quite a while she would have nothing to do with prayers if it was up to her.  We happen to say a lot of prayers around here.  One day she folded her arms and told me to fold mine and said "prayer." She then began to say a little prayer.  She had me tell her all the kids names so she could copy them.  The next week at the dinner table she folded her arms, bowed her head, and closed her eyes.  Doug had called on Clayson to say the prayer and before we knew it Bria was praying for the family.  She started the prayer "Heavenly Father" proceeded to bless the food and say all the names of every member of the family and said "Jesus Christ, Amen."  It was very sweet. 

Both Hyrum and Bria are very sensitive to things of the Spirit.  They both point out Jesus in pictures they have never seen and love saying prayers.  It is neat to see how theses children though abandoned by their earthly parents were never abandoned by their Father in Heaven and they know this.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From an Orphans Prespective

I just came across this video yesterday and it helped to clear up some thoughts that I have had.  There are times when I have wondered if it wouldn't have been better for one of my children to have stayed in the orphanage.  This child has suffered so much and if they had stayed there these things would not have happened. I know it would not have been the ideal but maybe better than what they have been through.  I have to trust God that what He puts into place is always the best thing for each individual. So that means that no matter how difficult the challenge this chain of events will serve them best throughout their life.

Watching this video has helped me to see that in the long run what all children need is love no matter the road to get there.

A little background on the video: The girl in the video clip was adopted days before she turned 14 this past April. To know what she is talking about you need to know that she has severe scoliosis.  Her mother was preparing some things on adoption for her church and this girl asked her what she was doing. When the mother told her she was trying to help others understand the need to adopt the girl wanted to help.  The mom brought over someone with a video camera and completely unrehearsed the girl began to talk.  These are her heart felt feelings about the orphans and adoption. Enjoy the video.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

OK, today was one of those days for me.  At 3:30 I very calmly said "everyone needs to clean the kitchen and family room."  Then I walked out.  On the way to my room to lay down to pull myself together Bria wanted to be held. I just needed some time alone but that doesn't ever happen right now. I put her on the bed and laid down.  Bria sat and stared at me while I closed my eyes.  I finally told her she could go play and she took the bait. I just laid there for a while longer before I got up.

I had a lot of things to do that didn't get done because of other circumstances today, including going shopping.  We have food but I had no idea how to put it together to make it tasty. I made pancakes and sat the kids down to eat while I finished cooking.  I usually try to finish cooking before feeding the kids but I just wanted it done.  While cooking Pierce got up and told me to go eat.  He is very in tune with my needs and thoughtful.  I was close to being done so I told him I would just finish it up.  Well, I wouldn't have let him finish anyway just because that is how I am.  Niya noticed what was happening and she got up and started to push me to the table.  She then said. "Go sit down, Pierce will do it."  It was endearing and funny at the same time.  Yes, Pierce would do it.  Pierce would not sit down until I did then we both ate.

That was a good way to soften a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

On a side note, I am falling madly in love with my little Bria.  She is really coming out of her shell.  She had to lay by me last night to go to sleep. Not only by me but under my covers sharing her blanket with me.  She even gave me a hug and kiss and said "I love you".  We are making fantastic progress.