Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guest Blogger, Hannah

The most amazing guest blogger EVER, Hannah Walker. :)

The last few weeks have been crazy. As you know we are in Savior of The World, that has been most of what we do any more. We have to make sure we still get things done, like the house and our extra curricular activities. Mom has also been sick the last three and an half weeks. She was down a lot yesterday and the day before, but we all lived, thankfully! 

Other than that the kids who have a more main part in Savior Of The World have to go to practices a lot during the week and so that means, when mom and dad are gone, I am the one babysitting.  I wish you all could be here to see it! It gets pretty crazy over here.:) Her are some pictures of our crazy life so far!

We went to the Day Break park and got to feed the ducks. It was so fun!
We ran out of bread to feed them so we started giving out our snacks. The ducks loved them!

We started to feed them out of our hands. Most everyone had luck with it, I did not.
They would get so close then squawk and run away!
The ducks loved mom!

After the ducks we went over to the park and started playing. This thingy, don't know
 what it is, I ask mom and she suggested the twirly thing in the air!:) Anyway we climbed on
top of it and started twirling. So fun but scary at the same time. 

Hannah wrote this probably 6-8 weeks ago. She said she didn't finish it but I thought I would post it anyway.




There has been more skiing this year than ever before at the Walker home.  Mostly due to an "incentive" of a season pass we offered Creed if we made it into the play our family was in for the Christmas season - The Savior of the World.  We couldn't send him alone, and there were discounted passes available with the full priced pass for Creed, so we ended up getting one for Pierce, Casey and Clayson.  Here is Pierce, Creed, Casey and a friend, Garrett.

Creed in his back country skiing gear.  He and his friend, Bryson, go up on at least once a week and most weeks twice or more.  Friday mornings with late start school schedule allows them to leave about 5:00 AM to get in a few runs before 8:00.  Back Country involves skiing (or skinning and booting) uphill and fresh powder downhill.  They put "skins" on their skis for traction uphill then take them off to go down. They have been in a few races where they are timed covering the most vertical feet - climbing up and skiing down.  They had a race this week where Creed and Bryson finished first and second place. When they were done, they thought they had gone the wrong way because the rest of the racers were no where in sight.  The officials started laughing because they had smoked everyone else so bad and they were just that far ahead of everyone else.

Scott in his first attempt at skiing.  It was an adventure.  His muscle control and balance were really put to the test.  So was mine, come to think of it.  We made it down the bunny hill a few times.  Mostly with me (Doug) skiing beside him supporting him at his side the whole way down.  The other Young Men from our church group were cheering him on from the ski lift as they rode overhead and watched.  He had is typical Scott smile on his face the entire time.  Even when he crashed.

Clayson on his first time.  He got the hang of it really quickly and got off the bunny hill by the end of the day.

This was Pierce and Clayson tonight.  I took them up night skiing and the temperature dropped enough to "force" us into the lodge by 7:30 for hot chocolate.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I know it's been a long time since we blogged. I have thought about it a lot but haven't had the time. This Christmas season has been very full. Not the same full as in the past but filled with more important things. We didn't do many of the activities that are traditional for our family at this season but we did things that brought the Spirit into our lives and kept our focus on the Savior. Being in the production of Savior of the World has been so great. We have grown in many ways and witnessed changes in ourselves and our family. Talents are being developed and miracles are happening.

Along with Savior of the World we have also suffered the flue. This flue usually started with a fever for 1-4 days then many other symptoms to follow for 2-3 weeks. In a family this size a flue like that will take over our lives and could be around for a couple of months. That's where we're at. Having the flue made it very hard to get Christmas shopping done and just as I thought I would be headed out to finish up I would wake up with a fever again. This sickness has gone through most of the family by now and I'm hoping that no one else gets it.

It has been a beautiful Christmas season filled with blessings. Many friends and neighbors have shown love and we are grateful for them. We have made good friends through Savior of the World and will miss them dearly. We have been blessed to find families for a couple of precious babies and plan to continue this wonderful work. In other areas of life we have been greatly blessed and will share the experiences when the time is right.

Every year my parents buy pajamas for more than 60 grandkids. What a feat. 
These are all the unmarried kids in their new jammies.

We got to have Jason, Ressa and Charlie with us for Christmas.

Emma got a giant Frozen puzzle. She put it together all by herself.
She is really starting to show some growth.

This was our living room first thing Christmas morning.
This is just the Santa presents.

This is Hannah talking to her cousin Chloe. The huge smile is because she had just
found out the Chloe got a plane ticket to come stay with us for almost 
2 weeks in January.

Scott loves Christmas and he is so grateful.

After breakfast and when we are dressed we open presents from each other.
All the children choose names and give a gift to one of their siblings.
Marshall got Hyrum the perfect gift...

A huge pillow pet!

Bria was so tuckered out that she fell asleep while we were
opening presents. She still had two left to open.
It took two days for her to open the other gifts.
I think I will revamp Bria's Christmas next year.

Jessica is showing off her scarf knitted by Aunt Denise.
My sister Denise made a scarf for each member of the family
including all the grandkids.
These gifts were the hit of Christmas. 
The squeals of joy were so cute.
I wish she could have been there to see it.

Olivia and Hannah got similar scarves. I love these ones.

Malia's scarf is so soft. I've tried using this yarn.
It is not easy to work with.

And I had to include this picture. Doug is looking pretty shaggy about now.
His great beard doesn't look so great anymore and his hair is way too long.
I need to get a picture of his hair from the back. He has quite the curls.
He could just about do a comb over if he were the type.
Trust me, he's not the type.