Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guest Blogger, Hannah

The most amazing guest blogger EVER, Hannah Walker. :)

The last few weeks have been crazy. As you know we are in Savior of The World, that has been most of what we do any more. We have to make sure we still get things done, like the house and our extra curricular activities. Mom has also been sick the last three and an half weeks. She was down a lot yesterday and the day before, but we all lived, thankfully! 

Other than that the kids who have a more main part in Savior Of The World have to go to practices a lot during the week and so that means, when mom and dad are gone, I am the one babysitting.  I wish you all could be here to see it! It gets pretty crazy over here.:) Her are some pictures of our crazy life so far!

We went to the Day Break park and got to feed the ducks. It was so fun!
We ran out of bread to feed them so we started giving out our snacks. The ducks loved them!

We started to feed them out of our hands. Most everyone had luck with it, I did not.
They would get so close then squawk and run away!
The ducks loved mom!

After the ducks we went over to the park and started playing. This thingy, don't know
 what it is, I ask mom and she suggested the twirly thing in the air!:) Anyway we climbed on
top of it and started twirling. So fun but scary at the same time. 

Hannah wrote this probably 6-8 weeks ago. She said she didn't finish it but I thought I would post it anyway.



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  1. Tell that sweet Hannah that I loved her blog post. Of course, I just love that girl anyway. I enjoyed all the pictures and the last one of twirling in the air looked a little scary to me. Of course, I don't like heights and going around and around on anything.
    I am so happy you are all doing better. i am also glad that you had such a wonderful experience in "Savior Of The World. Adorable Hannah; i am sending love and hugs your way. Thanks for this awesome post!