Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory - Test Of Fire

I felt like today was a good day to post this. It is Memorial Day. A day that, admittedly I have mostly used to get more done around the yard of play with the family. The original intention of the holiday was to give our country a time to remember all those that have paid a price for our lives in one way or another. I have a great admiration and appreciation for those that gave their lives for me to be free to worship God, have a family of my choosing, education, financial stability and so many other blessings. So today I want to take a few minutes out of my life to say thank you to all those in times past, present and future that serve me and my family.

I was given the link to this commercial produced by the Catholic Church.  It is a powerful message that deserves to be passed on.
The line in this video “Your vote will affect the future and be recorded for eternity.”  made me stop and think. It was a good reminder that my responsibility is more than I think and I will be responsible for my action or lack thereof.
I need to take my responsibility more seriously and remember that I have been given a sacred obligation by God and all those that lost their lives, fortunes or reputations that we may have freedom. This is more than just voting it is about knowing what is going on and doing what I can in my own little corner of the world to let my voice be heard. Hopefully my voice reflects the wishes of God.

 I have been guilty at times of not being grateful for the blessing of freedom and this land that we have been given stewardship over. Once again I will stand in my own world of influence and not let the other necessities of life keep me from doing my duty. Though at times it may not be much I will do something.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Many Are Called

I am on a group that advocates for orphans in China. There is a real concern for the children that are turning 14. On their birthday they are no longer eligible for adoption in China. There are many cultural issues that come with being an orphan that affect these children for the rest of their life. Because of these things many advocates try very hard to find families for the older children.

Last week there was a specific boy that had just a few days until his chance of being adopted was gone. He seemed like a very great kid. Other families that had been to his orphanage spoke highly of him and he had a strong desire to be adopted.

I was thinking about this boy and began to ask Heavenly Father many questions that I have had about the children. There are some children that really stand out and shine. You can see something different in them and yet they sit on the list and wait for a family. I just couldn’t understand how these children wouldn’t have families. How could God send these children to earth and not have a plan for them? Why did so many kid children get left behind? The scripture “Many are called but few are chosen” came to mind.

"Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen? Because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men."

The word "chosen" can also be substituted with dependable. I thought about this and realized that many people made covenants before they came to earth to love and care for a child but have chosen not to be dependable. It made me so sad for the innocent children. I began to realize that we are all in danger of not being dependable. What choices am I making that are distracting me from what I have promised to do. What thought processes do I need to change that I may be “chosen” or dependable?
Through this experience and a few others I realized that I need to make some changes and give up a little more of my will to Heavenly Fathers will. Am I willing to do ALL that is required of me?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blog Difficulties

In the last couple of weeks I have tried numerous times to post on the blog.  It always came up with error on page.  We made a breakthrough today.  It's our computer.  Now I have to clean it up and hope that does the trick.

I would love to post from another computer but all my pctures are on the one computer.  Hopefully today we will get this fixed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

I was given a very fulfilling gift this year.  One that makes you want to be better and help you see that what you are doing is at some point going to be appreciated. I received a note of thanks and a copy of this song.

Thank you Sereen for the reminder that my best efforts that so often fall short are of some good.

So many days I just want to tell my kids "I'm just like you but bigger!"  I just hope that what I do is enough. It will never be perfect but it is my best.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Have My Bed Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finally felt like Hyrum and Bria were able to sleep in another room without us.They were so excited to have their own room and beds. We bought them a full size bed and some sheets the other day. They sleep together because they didn't want to sleep alone. Their room was meant to be a den with an adjoining door to the master. We put the bed on the wall opposite the door so we can have it open and they can still see us if they wake up. All is going well!

The first night without them I was giddy with excitement. No more sharing my pillow. No more sharing my side of the bed because I didn't want to squish Doug. No more windmill constantly hitting me. No more cast in the face while you are in a dead sleep. No more sleeping lightly because the child next to you has sleep apnea and you freak every time they quite breathing.  He still does this but hasn't died yet so we must be OK, right? No more boogers on my pillow. No more children falling out of bed. No more climbing in from the end of the bed. No more making my bed with a twin bed in the way.

I have had 3 nights of blissful sleep. Doug even said on the second morning that he didn't want to cuddle and get in my space. It has been so incredibly awesome!! The joy of a good nights sleep. I haven't had that in 7 months.

I count my many blessings and right now this is one of the BEST!

I'm Tired Just Thinking About It

I was going through all the happenings at our home this week. Wow, there is a lot going on.  We have 3 birthdays that I haven't even started to prepare for, piano, school, scouts, Achievement days for the girls, a funeral 4 hours away, a carseat cover to make, not the everyday cover mind you, lesson to prepare for church, feeding the next door neighbor's orphan horse, babysitting my niece and nephew, which we love to do, and all the normal life things, including piles of laundry.  I know there is something that I am missing but I just can't remember it right now.  Sadly that means it most likely will be missed.  Sorry if it happens to be something one of you reading this need me to do. Hopefully I can fit in watering the garden and flower seeds and checking on the chickens. I know I won't forget to take the dog out otherwise I will pay and that's not fun.

So here I sit at 1:00 in the morning trying to get some important things done before the week starts. No, I didn't finish yet and that too will have to get done in the next 2 days. Sadly I have to accomplish this job while the kids are in bed so it's either a very early morning or another late night.

OH, I remember what the other thing was. My parents are coming into town. :) Does it get any better than this? And I really want to make Mother's day special for her. I haven't been with my mom on mother's day for so many years that I can't remember the last time. Hopefully mom doesn't see this blog and feel bad.  I'm pretty safe with that though, she's still learning to check email.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish two weeks of work in one would be helpful about now!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bria Update

Well it's been 5 days since the cast came off and Bria is not up and running. The doctor had said that she needed to be back to normal with her walking within 2-3 weeks or she needed to come back in.  That isn't such good news because it means an operation fairly quickly.

Up until this morning Bria would sit on the couch and if she wanted to go somewhere she would insist that someone carry her. This is not good for a child that needs to walk to gain muscle and flexibility. Yesterday I took some time to reteach her how to walk.  I held her hands from behind and would direct her feet to step under her instead of spread wide.  I had to push on her knees to get her bend them. Even with all that it was quite a chore. After that she tried a little harder to walk more straight.  This morning we were right back to where we started. I had to finally ban all the children from getting her drinks, food or carrying her anywhere. She had been walking a lot more today but still with her leg stretched out to the side.

My sister-in-law came by and noticed how Bria was walking and let me know that when her daughter Nichole broke her legs it took her 5-6 weeks to walk normal.  That gave me a lot of hope.  I will just let Bria walk funny for another week or so and insist that she walk a lot and not sit.  I will still work with her but lay off just a little unless she gets too lazy.

I've been surprised at this because Bria has done pretty good at pushing through things but maybe it's a good sign that she is trusting us to allow her to be lazy.  She just doesn't realize the kind of mother she has. No lazy around here. :)