Monday, May 7, 2012

I Have My Bed Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finally felt like Hyrum and Bria were able to sleep in another room without us.They were so excited to have their own room and beds. We bought them a full size bed and some sheets the other day. They sleep together because they didn't want to sleep alone. Their room was meant to be a den with an adjoining door to the master. We put the bed on the wall opposite the door so we can have it open and they can still see us if they wake up. All is going well!

The first night without them I was giddy with excitement. No more sharing my pillow. No more sharing my side of the bed because I didn't want to squish Doug. No more windmill constantly hitting me. No more cast in the face while you are in a dead sleep. No more sleeping lightly because the child next to you has sleep apnea and you freak every time they quite breathing.  He still does this but hasn't died yet so we must be OK, right? No more boogers on my pillow. No more children falling out of bed. No more climbing in from the end of the bed. No more making my bed with a twin bed in the way.

I have had 3 nights of blissful sleep. Doug even said on the second morning that he didn't want to cuddle and get in my space. It has been so incredibly awesome!! The joy of a good nights sleep. I haven't had that in 7 months.

I count my many blessings and right now this is one of the BEST!

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  1. Ha! After cleaning my bedding 3 days in a row due to a leaky diaper (not Davids), this post was very timely. I have hope that after 2 years I will know what a good night sleep is once again...I knew we should have purchased a King! Congratulations!