Friday, May 4, 2012

Bria Update

Well it's been 5 days since the cast came off and Bria is not up and running. The doctor had said that she needed to be back to normal with her walking within 2-3 weeks or she needed to come back in.  That isn't such good news because it means an operation fairly quickly.

Up until this morning Bria would sit on the couch and if she wanted to go somewhere she would insist that someone carry her. This is not good for a child that needs to walk to gain muscle and flexibility. Yesterday I took some time to reteach her how to walk.  I held her hands from behind and would direct her feet to step under her instead of spread wide.  I had to push on her knees to get her bend them. Even with all that it was quite a chore. After that she tried a little harder to walk more straight.  This morning we were right back to where we started. I had to finally ban all the children from getting her drinks, food or carrying her anywhere. She had been walking a lot more today but still with her leg stretched out to the side.

My sister-in-law came by and noticed how Bria was walking and let me know that when her daughter Nichole broke her legs it took her 5-6 weeks to walk normal.  That gave me a lot of hope.  I will just let Bria walk funny for another week or so and insist that she walk a lot and not sit.  I will still work with her but lay off just a little unless she gets too lazy.

I've been surprised at this because Bria has done pretty good at pushing through things but maybe it's a good sign that she is trusting us to allow her to be lazy.  She just doesn't realize the kind of mother she has. No lazy around here. :)

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