Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory - Test Of Fire

I felt like today was a good day to post this. It is Memorial Day. A day that, admittedly I have mostly used to get more done around the yard of play with the family. The original intention of the holiday was to give our country a time to remember all those that have paid a price for our lives in one way or another. I have a great admiration and appreciation for those that gave their lives for me to be free to worship God, have a family of my choosing, education, financial stability and so many other blessings. So today I want to take a few minutes out of my life to say thank you to all those in times past, present and future that serve me and my family.

I was given the link to this commercial produced by the Catholic Church.  It is a powerful message that deserves to be passed on.
The line in this video “Your vote will affect the future and be recorded for eternity.”  made me stop and think. It was a good reminder that my responsibility is more than I think and I will be responsible for my action or lack thereof.
I need to take my responsibility more seriously and remember that I have been given a sacred obligation by God and all those that lost their lives, fortunes or reputations that we may have freedom. This is more than just voting it is about knowing what is going on and doing what I can in my own little corner of the world to let my voice be heard. Hopefully my voice reflects the wishes of God.

 I have been guilty at times of not being grateful for the blessing of freedom and this land that we have been given stewardship over. Once again I will stand in my own world of influence and not let the other necessities of life keep me from doing my duty. Though at times it may not be much I will do something.

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