Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Funny Things Kids Say

Sitting in a restaurant after the finalization for Olivia, Clayson got Hot Chocolate.

 Clayson, "Mom, this is still too hot!"

Me, "Do you want some of my ice?"

Clayson, "Is it warm ice or cold ice?"

In the same restaurant, which happened to be all you can eat, so there were A LOT of gray haired people. Emma very loudly says.

"Grandma Dead!"

Her grandma died a year ago and still thinks about it.

OK, Casey has had a couple of good ones lately but these two are the best.

We were watching a special on some orphans in Uganda.  These kids were between 6 and 11 years old and cute as can be.  For those that don't know, Casey is black and so were these children. Close to the end of the program Casey says,

"It's hard to tell them apart, they all look the same."

I was getting ready to go pick up a friend about 30 minutes away.  I was looking forward to the drive down without children that could talk to me. Just my own thoughts, what a break.

Casey asked, "Can I come?"

Me, "No, I'm going to go by myself."

Casey, "Why?"

Me, "Because I need space."

Casey, "But I'm gonna be sitting in the back."

Here is a serious one.

Last week Bria looked at a picture.  She picked it up and pointed to a pictures of brownies and asked "What is that?"  She then pointed to the ice cream and said "Cold."

Bria is picking up on the language very quickly.  She is now trying to talk about more complex things that she doesn't have the words for yet. Both kids can understand most anything we need them to. It is so amazing how fast the children learn.

I was going to post this separately but decided that since I was on the computer I might as well do it now.

Bria has transformed in the last few weeks.  For quite a while she would have nothing to do with prayers if it was up to her.  We happen to say a lot of prayers around here.  One day she folded her arms and told me to fold mine and said "prayer." She then began to say a little prayer.  She had me tell her all the kids names so she could copy them.  The next week at the dinner table she folded her arms, bowed her head, and closed her eyes.  Doug had called on Clayson to say the prayer and before we knew it Bria was praying for the family.  She started the prayer "Heavenly Father" proceeded to bless the food and say all the names of every member of the family and said "Jesus Christ, Amen."  It was very sweet. 

Both Hyrum and Bria are very sensitive to things of the Spirit.  They both point out Jesus in pictures they have never seen and love saying prayers.  It is neat to see how theses children though abandoned by their earthly parents were never abandoned by their Father in Heaven and they know this.

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