Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From an Orphans Prespective

I just came across this video yesterday and it helped to clear up some thoughts that I have had.  There are times when I have wondered if it wouldn't have been better for one of my children to have stayed in the orphanage.  This child has suffered so much and if they had stayed there these things would not have happened. I know it would not have been the ideal but maybe better than what they have been through.  I have to trust God that what He puts into place is always the best thing for each individual. So that means that no matter how difficult the challenge this chain of events will serve them best throughout their life.

Watching this video has helped me to see that in the long run what all children need is love no matter the road to get there.

A little background on the video: The girl in the video clip was adopted days before she turned 14 this past April. To know what she is talking about you need to know that she has severe scoliosis.  Her mother was preparing some things on adoption for her church and this girl asked her what she was doing. When the mother told her she was trying to help others understand the need to adopt the girl wanted to help.  The mom brought over someone with a video camera and completely unrehearsed the girl began to talk.  These are her heart felt feelings about the orphans and adoption. Enjoy the video.

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