Sunday, June 10, 2012

They're Falling At Her Feet

I teach the 3 year olds at church. I have some very cute kids, my own being two of them. There is a little boy named Gage that chooses to sit by Bria every week. Today he kept touching her face. I was a little preplexed at why he was doing this. Gage would take both palms and gently caress Bria's cheeks and chin. At first I was worried that Bria would get bugged by it but soon saw that she was more curious at this act. A few minutes later Gage took Bria's hand and gently carressed her fingers.

Gage said, "You have little fingers."

Bria replied, "Yep" with a smile.

A minute later Gage turned back to Bria and said in a very gentle small voice "I love you."

Brai's grin was radiant.


  1. Oh doesn't that just melt your heart and realize truly the majority of the world is good.

  2. Ohh that is the sweetest thing! Children have such a way with words : )