Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Last month was Olivia's finalization.  For those that don't understand what the means here is a simple explanation. When a child is adopted here in the states the courts or agency take official custody for 6 months.  This time is to make sure that the family and child bond well and everyone wants to make this permanent.  After the 6 month wait the family can go to court and petition for finalization to make the adoption permanent.  We had the opportunity to do that with Olivia on Friday December 9.

Everything went very well.  It's a little nerve wracking to walk into a court room with a judge staring at you with no emotion.  I wasn't nervous until I saw the judge.  In the past we have been in either the judges office or in a specific court room that they have video capabilities.  The judges have always been very friendly and smiley.  This judge was very different.

The attorney asked a lot of questions that we have never had asked before.  Things like, am I prepared to parent Olivia, has anyone coerced me into this, do I want to be her mother and a lot of other questions.  I began to feel like I was on trial and somehow I was failing.  I worried they wouldn't think I was a fit parent.  They finish with me then ask Doug if he was in agreeance to the adoption and if he thought I would be a good mother.  He answered all of about 5 questions!  It was amazing how the focus was on the mom.  I guess everyone knows who really does all the work as a parent. :)  When everything was done the judge smiled and offered to take pictures with us.  He was so intimidating that we started walking out and were going to skip the pictures.  He saw the camera and said "It looks like you want to take pictures."  He was very nice from that point on. Funny Olivia said that she wasn't scared at all.

We then spent some time downtown seeing some Christmas things.  We first went to Dessert Book store.  They invented a machine that simulates making gingerbread men.  It was very fun to watch.  They gave us cookies and we watched a video on how they made it.  We then went on Trax to The Grand America and did a scavenger hunt.  At the end they give out huge shortbread cookies that are awesome.  It makes me miss the Scottish shortbread cookies my great grandma made every year when I was a child.  We then went out to lunch at Chuck-a-Rama.  We had a great time and a very memorable day. Everyone was so happy.  There was no quarrelling at all.

Olivia is officially a Walker!!

Mom, Olivia and Dad officially a family.
We didn't realize the lighting was so bad until we got home.

The neat Gingerbread cookie maker at Desseret Book.

Casey got left in the bathroom. :)  We got a block away and sent Pierce back for him.
Casey was hurring as fast as he could.  It's a good thing he used the bathroom first.

And we're back together.  Casey is the comic relief in the family even when he doesn't mean to be.

The kids were just as excited to ride Traxx as doing the other activities. 
I love the free ride zone!

Hyrum and Bria needed to take a break after two clues on our scavenger hunt
They found this couch and made themselves at home.
They really can't get any cuter.

Emma and Bria were very serious about filling out their cards.
I wish I could have saved the cards.  Their scribbles were adorable.
They had to turn the cards in for a sticker and cookie.

Most of the family hunting for the next clue.

I had Creed take a picture of this because it is so fun and colorful.
I wish it would have had more of Olivia in it.
Those who have been in my home have seen my gumball jars.
I have decided that some day I want part of my home to be as magical as this store.
It felt like we were in Charlie and the chocolate factory.
They had some really fun ideas!!


  1. Do you remember the days when we would get left behind at the church? Make sure you tell Casey about it! Congratulations!

  2. It all looks so fun! Congratualations on having Olivia's adoption final.