Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun Times

We have some fun times here and have taken some cute pictures.  I just want to share some with you.

Doug said this picture would be so cute if she didn't have a runny nose. He then proceeded to tell the kids to wipe noses before taking pictures.  I had to step in there and remind him that she always has a runny nose.

Hyrum loves to sing and is now at the piano singing every day. It would be so cool if through his life he works hard enough to overcome his CP so that he could play the piano.

Hyrum the frustrated musician taking a break to pray.

Hyrum took this cool picture. Tyler you need to get to work on your photography.

We discovered that Hyrum and Bria LOVE whip cream from the can. We had some left over from a baby shower.

Hyrum's mouth is so full he doesn't know what to do.

He looks over at Creed for help.

Creed pushes the whip cream into Hyrum's mouth and he is open for the next round.

Bria managed to swallow all on her own.

Olivia told me they didn't get much sugar at her last house.  I told her that's because it's not good for you. Yup, she loves whip cream too.

Our niece Kayla her husband Kurt and their daughter came for a visit.  This is Sereen and Kayla playing Kinect skiing.

Niya playing bowling.

Clayson bowling.

We had a folding party that turned into a fashion show for Bria and Hyrum.

They wanted to try everything on at one time.  I need to tell Niya where we wear underwear.

I wish the picture was clear. What cute kids.

Bria and Olivia.

Marshall, Emma, Hyrum, Malia, Bria and Olivia.  I was trying to get a fashion shot of Bria and Hyrum but all the other kids had to be a part of it.  I couldn't get all of them looking at the camera at one time.  Bummer.

You know you have a big family when you fill the dishwasher with only bowls. Ice Cream and cereal for the family produce this stack. We do everything in bulk.

Our 26th Anniversary was on Monday.  Olivia hatched the idea to make us dinner while we were at the hospital with Bria.  The kids made meatloaf, homemade rolls, corn and jello.  They worked really hard and spent all day doing it.  This is the end product.  They are awesome!

Bria saw this picture and with a disappointed face said, "No dinner."


  1. I officially miss home! There is so much going on that I am not a part of. It was a great surprise to get three blog posts so close to each other. No pressure, but I love it.

    P.S.- That picture from Hyrum is pretty cool! I need to hurry and get a camera before he and Casey pass me up.

  2. Love the photos! It makes me miss your kids so much! Tell Nya that I remember her mother putting underwear on Uncle Dale's head! It must run in the family. I of course, would never think of doing such a silly thing. :)