Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas In the Walker Home

I thought I would do a picture story of Christmas at our house. I know it's a little late but between illness and a baby shower then a surgery time has slipped away. Better late than never.

Santa paid us a visit.
The blond on the right of Santa is a friend.  No we haven't gotten another child.

Ressa led the kids in baking sugar cookies.  Hyrum had to be in the middle of it all.

Grandma and Grandpa give the kids PJ's every year.  We open them on Christmas Eve. The kids love this tradition.

Spontaneous love.

Christmas Eve picture.

Older kids wanted a picture of their own.

Filling stockings takes almost 2 hours.  Any idea why?

Almost done.  Just the little gifts to go.  Oops only half way there.

Ready for Christmas morning.

The kids get a new movie Christmas morning to give us 2 more hours of sleep.  They all sleep downstairs and when the movie is over they have to wait until the camera is ready.

Before the chaos.
The simple pleasures of life. A pen that shoots a ball from the top.

I don't think Hyrum knew what to do with the tunnel.

Malia wanted a sticky hand more than anything else.  It took some doing but we found one.  I love those kinds of Christmas lists.

We're growing out of our living room. :)

Casey wanted one of the new automatic Nerf guns.  There was no way I was spending that kind of money on a toy.  I got an email alert of a great sale.  The cool new guns were more than 50% off.  Good enough deal for me but I couldn't get just one so all the boys got a gun.  They have the greatest Nerf wars!

What a doll.

And she got the doll. 

Bria loves to ride on shoulders.  Ressa obliged and then Bria had to have her doll on her shoulders too.

Bria then had to have her doll on Mom and Dad's heads next.

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  1. Just for the record - I feel like there is an incorrect caption on one of these pictures. In my memory the older kids were almost forced to take the picture.