Sunday, July 14, 2013

Doug Leaves For China!

We finally got our computer fixed, we hope. It took Jason fixing it even after the Geek Squad had it for 3 days. I guess we can now call Jason the Super Geek. :) Thanks Jason!!

Doug, Creed and Pierce leave tomorrow afternoon to go to China. Most things are packed and in order. I still have a few things to buy but I'll do that in the morning. They fly to LAX, Korea then on to Guangzhou.
They arrive Wednesday mid morning and will pick up Gui on Thursday. By Friday he will be officially ours.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions as I realized I am here and they will be in China and our family will be changed once again. There are no guarantees in adoption, I guess in bio kids either, but older children bring their own set of challenges. Not because they are difficult kids but because they have not had the nurture nor family setting to learn from. Gui will have much to learn. Hopefully he won't be too overwhelmed.

We heard that Gui has chosen a name. We were able to send a few choices for him and if he didn't like any of them then we would send more. We tried to pick names that were easy to say because Gui's speech is affected by his CP. Out of the names we sent he chose SCOTT. There is a lot of meaning behind that name. From our first child Doug has suggested Scott as a name. It hasn't been one of my favorites and other names fit the children better. When we decided to adopt one more boy, that was Hyrum, I told Doug we could name him Scott. I wanted to honor Doug with that name as a way of recognizing his sacrifice in being a father of many. He has done so much I felt he deserved that. Because of personal reasons he chose not to use it. When we were surprised with Gideon I allowed him to choose his name. Surprisingly he did not choose Scott. Gideon was to be his name! Gui came as a surprise to us so now we are at two boys after our last, meaning Hyrum, and Doug did not get to choose the name. BUT..... his son chose that honored name. When we were told Gui's choice of names we just had to laugh. All the kids know Doug loves that name but no one knows what it took to get a son named Scott. Gui showed us in one more way that he truly belongs in this family.

If all goes well with our blog Doug will post from China. If he doesn't then I will try to stay on top of it with the little info I will get. If there is not post for the day you can guarantee that the blog is down again. If any of you have recommendations for a new blog site let me know. I'm ready to switch.

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