Sunday, July 21, 2013

How many children do we have??

This one is a little embarrassing.  Deanne said she is nervous about blogging sometimes because is can really expose you to the world.  I am about to expose something that I am not particularly proud of, but it is a little humorous.

Thursday afternoon our guide came over to prepare the paperwork for the notary.  She had me list the number of children we have and break them down by sons, daughters and their respective ages.  I wrote down 17 then listed the boys and girls separately and came up with 16.  I went through them again.  Still 16.  I asked Creed to check the list with me and we still came up with 16.  Grace suggested that I look at a family photo and go through each one.  I looked the background photo on my laptop which was taken just after Hyrum and Bria came home to us.  Still 16 kids.  Then the wedding photo that is the first one on our blog.  Still 16.  We couldn't come up with 17 so I was going to email Deanne to ask her how many children we have.  Have we miscounted all this time?  Later that night it hit me....I had forgotten about Gideon.  The one we just brought home from China, whose paperwork allowed us to be here to get Scott, the one who we spent a solid week with in the hospital for a $100,000 heart surgery,  the one who calls me Bobby and asks Deanne 100 times a day to Skype and talk to me.   What a lousy dad.  At least I had a partner in crime. Creed couldn’t come up with the reason we were short either.  I had to call Grace about 9:00 that night to confess and correct the form we filled out. She just laughed and graciously excused away my brainlessness on jetlag or just having 18 kids!  


  1. I think we have all had those moments. I often have to turn to Jared to tell me how many boys and girls and how many adopted and biological kids there are in the family. I just can't keep it straight. It's definitely not for lack of love.

  2. You are not a lousy Dad. You are one fantastic dad that has added children so fast the number eludes you. You know each of your children by name and heart. You could never forget our precious Gideon. It's more of a matter of too many things on your mind. There are not many men that could nor would do what you do. I am so proud to be your wife and your children love you!

    Walking home from church today I counted the whole way. I kept coming up short so I had to name the children off. They were all there until the next time I counted. Still one short. The kids kept telling me "We're all here mom!" I would still have to name them off. Once we got on our street I could relax and I quite counting. I hope everyone is home because I haven't taken a head count once here. At least I know that Emma, Hyrum, Bria, and Gideon are here. All the rest know the way home. :)

  3. Haha! That is the best story yet! Deanne probably remembers numerous times when someone was left behind at the church building after services. It's those of us with 7 children and can't remember any of their birthdays that should be embarrassed. That's me!

  4. I hope that comment was referring to growing up because I don't remember doing that personally more than twice but I do remember being left at church a couple of times growing up. I was not the only one either. :)

  5. Hello,

    I love this post. Way too funny :) We only have three kids and I still mix up their names sometimes.
    I truly admire your faith and your desire to do God's will.

    God bless all of you,
    Lee Ann

  6. I'm constantly doing a head count, I only have 6 plus a son-in-law. I figure once your over two its chaos!