Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ready for Church

Deanne got the measurements for Ben/Scott/Gui and packed a bunch of clothes for him.  So far they have all fit great!  We took Scott to church with us today in his new church clothes.  The LDS church has a small cogregation of expats (about 100) that meets in the Ramada Pearl Hotel.  It was new stuff for him, but he did great.  He even tried to follow along in the hymn book and sing a little.

OK.  I confess that I made my son sleep under a curtain the first night in the hotel. He was blowing up an air matress and it was taking forever.  I was wiped out, so we had said our prayers together and I went to bed while he was still blowing up the air mattress.  I had told him earlies that I would call the front desk to get a set of sheets and a blanket, but I completely forgot.  This is what I saw when I woke up the next morning.  I am glad he was very resourceful.  He even had to hang it back up by himself.

Scott is a little unsteady on his feet anyway, but the subway gives him a true test of balance.  It's easier to just grab one of his new brothers and hang on tight!


  1. I love how happy he looks with his brothers. It looks like he's going to adjust well. What a lucky kid to be joining such a wonderful family :)

  2. I thought you were going to get more wordy on this one. ;)

  3. A curtain?! Chloe got the best laugh. Thanks for sharing. We love the subway photos!

  4. Wow Pierce! Is that the only thing you could think of????!!!!!! A curtain??!!
    Nice one! As me and my mom read it she was chuckling politely as I was laughing my head off!! I really needed that one thanks!!!!

    I hope you are all having fun together! I am excited to see the next post! Be sure to keep the fun photos coming!

    Chloe ;)


  5. Haha, I love these posts. I wasn't entirely sure what Creed and Pierce's reaction would be to a new and strange country. The fact that Pierce was resourceful enough to take down a curtain and looked so comfortable sleeping in it proves they are taking everything in stride. I am with Chloe, I laughed audibly about the curtain.

    I am jealous!

    Your most favorite brother,