Friday, July 26, 2013

Good times. We just wish mom was here....

Scott has been very smiley the last couple of days and has had a lot of fun teasing Creed and Pierce.  Of course, he is having a hard time with limits and boundaries, so it is hard to be patient when he takes things a little too far once in a while.  I have had to remind the boys he has to learn how to be in a family and we need to not get frustrated or annoyed with him.  It’s a balancing act to know how to set the limits with him and tell him when to quit without throwing him into an emotional downer.
He is very easy to take care of on his personal needs.  He takes showers twice a day and changes his underwear each time.  I have to recycle some without him knowing.  If he doesn't unroll them  himself after I give him a new pair from the package, he is suspicious of them and will smell them to see if they are clean.  The ones he wears just for one night after a shower still smell clean so I just roll them up and fake him out.  I hope that is not being a dishonest parent - I am just being practical.  He brushes his teeth mostly on his own or as soon as I prompt him if needed.  We bought him an electric tooth brush and at first he didn't like it to be on when he used it - now he leaves it on.  He understands most everything with very few words and sometimes even gestures.  It makes me wonder how much he might be understanding.  He is just very perceptive. 
He likes McDonald's.  He chose a breakfast burrito that is served more like a taco with a floppy tortilla folded in half.  It made it hard to handle for hi, so I rolled it up and closed one end and he could do that fine.  After we were finished he wanted to clean up the tray before I knew where he was headed with it he brought it to the cashiers counter and set it down.  I was right behind him at that point and had to grab it from in front of someone ordering food.  I showed him where to put it so I am sure next time he will take it to the right place.  He only needs to be shown things once and he gets it.

A dinner party with two other families here.

Scott with Judah.  He was adopted just over a year ago, so he has been a help to have around.  Scott laughs at Chinese cartoons when they are just speaking, so he must understand Mandarin quite a bit.

Getting some exercises on Shamian Island.  The road signs at the off ramp had Island spelled Lsiand.  I guess if all the letters are there, that's all that counts.

The stack of authentic Disney movies we bought in Chinese for 20-25 yuan, which is about $4.

One of the famous statues on the island.


The river front by the Canton Tower with a dinner cruise boat in the back ground.

Looking up at the tower when the lights came on.

Totally cool tower.  1,800 feet tall.  The tallest TV tower in the world.  It costs over $20 to go up to the observation deck.  We just marveled from below. :)

The wind and mist coming off these water falls got us wet 15 feet away.  It was a lot of water.

Girls wanting pictures with Creed and Pierce while we were walking around the plaza Friday night.

Fun evening.  Those are lights in the cement - it was a huge plaza with lots of people.  We bought these LED twirly birds that you shoot in the air with a rubber band.  Creed got really good at it.  Pierce made his finger bleed. You can see one to the right of the tower.

The tower constantly changes color.

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