Thursday, July 18, 2013

They've Got Him

I just Skyped with Doug again. The few of us that were awake got to meet him. He is a smiley boy and enthusiastic about the situation at the moment. He had a backpack full of stuff! He first pulled out a folder of art work. He loves art!  I am so thankful that I listened to advice and my gut and got art paper, colored pencils, playdoh, finger paint, white board and markers and other art supplies. As I was loading his backpack from us I thought to myself "I hope he like art or I'm in trouble". Thankfully he loves the things in his pack. After showing us his art, which is very good for the level of CP he has, he pulled out his picture book. He has pictures of some of the kids at the orphanage and activities that he has done. We couldn't see them very well because of the poor connection. I just smiled a lot and acted like I could see it. When he gets home he will show me again I am sure.

Gui didn't say much but what he did say was pretty clear. I was surprised because we were told that his speech is slow and unclear. I think he will do better with that then we expected. Overall it seems that his CP is more involved than what we expected but that's OK. When you adopt a special needs child you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario and hope for the best. We got neither the worst nor the best so all is well. Gui seems to have difficulty with muscle control of all limbs. He has obviously worked hard to take care of himself. From the  level of shaking that he has it's clear he has a determined spirit.

Doug has made a few observations. We have a full fledged orphanage raised child on our hands. Gui is going to love the transformation he will have to becoming a member of a family. He loves to be the center of attention which he will find is not always the best. Besides he has two, ok maybe 3 brothers that like to be the center of attention. One of those boys is struggling now with blending into a family now that he has been dethroned by Gideon. :) Gui and Hyrum will either LOVE or compete with each other. My gut tells me that Gui will rise to being the older brother and allow Hyrum to be Gui's star. I'm excited to see that relationship.
There are other observations Doug made that we will see how they play out. Gui loves buttons and exploring. Once again we will have to deal with that. Just as we got Gideon under control Gui finds the buttons. Blasting stereo, here we come. Gui loves computers and has decided that Doug's laptop is his. That will change real fast. Kids do not have free reign over the computer in our house. He will be surprised that I have to put in a password just to open it up. I'm smarter than the average bear. ;)

This has now taken an hour to write three paragraphs because my sweet children have trickled in with sleepy heads just waking up from a late night while mama cleaned, what else, poop. It's still fresh on the brain with my skin crawling and my nose permanently damaged. There are not enough showers to make a person feel clean after that. :)

The best part of my morning came when Gideon came walking out of the bedroom with a sweet look on his face. I scooped him up and said "Good morning precious." He got the biggest grin on his face and cuddled right up. His normal routine is to cry until someone, all right only mom, can get him out of bed.  Then he takes about an hour to cheer up. What progress.

Just last week one of our older kids made a comment that Gideon is cranky. I get it, he has been fairly cantankerous and out of sorts here and there. Mornings being the worst. I however, had better knowledge. My precious little boy has been dealing with a lot! When I heard this comment my insides did a little uncomfortable twist because I knew that was not the real Gideon we were experiencing. In the last couple of weeks Gideon has made so much emotional progress. He is giving lots of hugs and loves to hold my head while he settles down to go to sleep. He now holds on tight when he gives me hugs and truly loves me as a mama. When the transformation happens you just feel it and he has crossed that emotional bridge. I am filled with deep love and gratitude for my little Gideon.

I don't have time to proof read this, not that it makes a difference sometimes because I really can't spell. I have bread to make and places to go. Have a Great Day!!! I will.

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  1. ChunMing and I pray each night at his bed for the boys' safety and that Gui will not be afraid. Doreen