Thursday, July 18, 2013

Follow up to "They've got him"

Deanne summed up the "gotcha day" better than I could have and she wasn't even here. How does she do that?  Here are some photos to add some visuals.

Creed and Pierce at about 6:00 am in Korea for a 3 hour layover after the 12 1/2 hour flight.  Still handsome boys after all that.

The freeway coming from the airport in Guangzhou.  There are miles of this landscaped median.  Utah just throws out rock lansdscaping along most freeways and barely keep the other areas mowed.  This stretch of the highway looks like it has to have dozens of full time landscapers. 

They wrap buildings here in a green mesh fabric to keep the dust down as they are being built or remodeled.

Most Chinese ads don't have Chinese poeple in them.  I caught this one on a bus driving by.

I am not sure of the connections between Bruce Lee and the Colonel, but there seems to be one here.

Preparing the paperwork while we waited for Gui.  He had a 6 hour bus ride to come in from the city of Shantou where his orphanage is. They were about an hour late so it gave us plenty of prep time.  We also had our guide, Grace, mark tourist sites on our subway map.  We have plenty to go see now! 

Still waiting.

Grace with the travel approval.  She has been very on top of things for us.

Creed and Pierce came back with the bathroom with smirks on their faces.  Pierce grabbed the camera and headed back in.  He captured his first look at a squatty potty.

By the looks of that smile, maybe he knows what I am signing???

The orphanage director and Grace filling in the details.  We brought Muscle Milk for the orphanage.  She was glad we didn't have more for her since she had to carry it back on a train, but I told her if they like it we can send them more.  She wanted our email address to get updates on Gui, so we can keep in contact with them directly about the Muscle Milk.

He was anxious to show Pierce his photo album.  It's a great treasure to have so many photos of the activities and his friends from the orhpanage.

Favorite photo of day!

The whole gang with the orphanage director.

Gui's first attempt at photography.  He was pretty proud of this photo - he came over and patted my tummy when he saw what he took a picture of.  Maybe he was just aiming for the largest target...

Gui grabbed Pierce's hand for a little extra security just as we were heading outside.

Chopsticks usage....Pierce style.

Stab and dip.  Pierce couldn't figure out what is so hard about chopsticks??


  1. Thanks for the pictures. We LOVE them!!!!!

  2. That squatty is so clean and shiny! Tell the boys to go into a public bathroom on the street and they'll be in for a whole new experience :)

  3. Ressa, I said the same thing! It's a nice one! haha. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. I am so excited for you all; especially Gui. My favorite photo is of him holding Pierce's hand. Yes, there will be transition and many peaks and valleys in the journey, but for the first time in his life he will have hands to hold that will forever be there....o.k., now I am going to go take a sniffle break.

    I love you all. Please send our love to the boys!

  5. This has made my day! I could not be happier for this child and for your beautiful family! Congratulations!

  6. So happy for your family and for Scott! I prayed for him to get a family many times!

  7. That is how I use my chopsticks!
    Love the 6th to last photo!!!!!;)

    Taking a picture of the bathrooms? Sooooooo mature Pierce! ;D

    - Chloe Cook :)