Sunday, July 21, 2013

Name Confusion

OK, two people today have brought up how confused they are about our newest sons name. We too were confused until Friday. We were introduced to our son as Ben originally. This name was given him as a way for people to advocate for him and for Love Without Boundaries to refer to him without violating his privacy. Once we received Ben's file we found out what his Chinese name was. We tried to call him by Gui, his Chinese name, so that we did not identify with him as Ben then suddenly have to switch names. We have done that before with other children and it was hard to change to the name we had given them. So we called Ben Gui at home but still referred to him as Ben and Gui on the internet so that those who knew him as Ben knew who we were talking about. Just a week before travel we were given the opportunity to present Gui with English names so he could choose to go by one if he would like. This is to make things easier being in the States. The name he chose was Scott. We didn't know if he wanted to be called that by his family or if he preferred to have the familiar name Gui. I, Deanne, continued to call him Gui while Doug called him Scott. I didn't want to change over until I knew what Scott wanted. The first day that Doug received Scott he was going to ask the translator what Scott wanted to be called. In all the emotions he forgot, so on Friday he asked. Scott was sure he wanted to be called Scott so we started calling him that. For the sake of others I have still referred to him as Gui. It is now time to clear up the confusion and only refer to him as Scott. His full name still has Gui in it as a middle name so if he chooses at some point to switch back he can.

I hope I made this clear enough. If not let me know.

I wish I had a picture to add but alas, I am home and the pictures are in China with Doug.

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