Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Swimming

Creed's friend Chaz is a very energetic young man. One day he tried to make a swimming pool in the back yard. After a few tries I told the boys to look for used pool that it may be easier that way. They hopped on the local for sale adds and found an above ground pool for $100. Awesome, let's get it!  Doug shortened his meetings that night and he and I drove 45 minutes to go get this pool. We spent the next day digging out grass and leveling things off so we could set the pool up. Sadly, we found a few leaks and realized this was not going to work.

The kids were so sad. Doug and I got back on the adds and found a great pool for a bit more money but we decided it was probably worth it. We picked it up that night and started digging again. The first pool was round and this one is rectangle. We love the pool! It has been so fun for the kids. The filter is awesome but we are still trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the green water. We'll get it just in time for winter but, in the mean time, When it's turning green,  I tell the kids it's better than swimming in a lake.

We have had up to 20 people in the pool. It is pretty crowded but still fun.
Hopefully one day we can build an in ground pool that is much bigger.
I can now justify it as good therapy for Gui.

These pictures are from the first week we had the pool.
Because of computer issues I couldn't post this.
Since this picture Hyrum and Bria now wear life jackets and are 
swimming all on their own.

Emma lives for the pool now!
I don't get asked 20 times a day for a movie.
I now get asked to go swimming. :)

I was standing on our back deck watching the kids.
I had some Cheetos in my hands and Gideon noticed.
He came running and wanted me to throw him some.
This is what you get when Mom is too lazy to walk around the house
and hand out Cheetos. 
They're like little birds.

Clayson jumping off of the ladder.

Olivia is one of our biggest fish.
She was so afraid that people would make fun of her 
because she couldn't swim.
Once she realized it was no big deal she is the first to ask
many days if she can swim.

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