Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Three Sons

At church today, I introduced Scott, Pierce and Creed.  I said something like, "I am here picking up Scott, who we have adopted, and this is my son Pierce and my son Creed."  After I sat back down, I realized I didn't verbally put them all in the same catagory.  I didn't say, "Here are my three sons, Scott, Pierce and Creed."  Scott is legally ours. I guess I said it that way partially to explain why we were in China.  Then later today we were in another family's home having been invited to dinner.  The father introduced us to his family, by saying, "This is Doug Walker and his three sons."  He was right - I am here with my three sons.  It was a nice way to be reminded that Scott is a permanent addition to the family already.


  1. Was your dinner with a local Chinese family?

    1. They went to dinner with a family where the father works for the American Consulate. They are very nice people. I just wish I could be there to become friends too. This is really a bummer.