Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cool Buildings

More festive photos of last night.  Bubble machines and LED light toys were everywhere!

The part of Guanzhou called New Town accross the river from the Canton Tower.  It's definitely the hot spot of the city. There are about 8 new high rise buildings still under construction.  The new US consulate is in the middle of this area.

Statue in front of a building.  Fat chinese ladies in a tug-o-ward. 
Scott stepped right up for this photo.

The new US consulate building.  It took me a minute to realize where we were and that the American flag was out of place.

Guangzhou library.

The spaceship looking building is the Guangzhou Opera House.

Just a cool building.

We had to buy one of the more traditional Chinese toys.  Scott made it look easy.

The museum.  We actually went back to this area specifically to go to the museum, but there were hundreds of people in line to get in, so we bagged it. 

There is part of the line for the museum.  It continued around the corner.

More cool buildings.  Deanne doesn't like it when I take pictures of just stuff without people in it....

So I had Creed and Pierce stand in front of the opera house.  Don't they look relaxed??

You know Pizza Hut has reached new levels when it is the only restaurant in the opera house.  With a red carpet entrance no less!

I don't know what the age limit is for the acceptability of this practice, but it seems that this little boy was approaching it.  Toddlers squatting with split-pants is one thing, but this was a little over the top.  This photo was taken as a hip shot - not bad huh?

We saw a bunch of people riding these skateboard things.  There were kind of like a separated rip-stick.  I spoke with the guy in charge who was from Germany and spoke English really well.  He said the cheapest set was about $50 and the most expensive was $160.  I was ready to buy the cheap set thinking it was a Chinese company and I needed buy them right then, but then he said the company was based in Irvine, CA and we can buy them online.  Creed reminded me that his birthday was coming up.... 

Scott refused the ice cream cone I bought him a few days ago.  He must be becoming more Americanized already.  By the look on his face and the mess he made of it, I am guess this might have been his first 
ice-cream cone. 

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  1. As always, thanks for the updates! I had a friend freshman year who rode the freeline skates all around campus! They're fun! Cheapest generally run about 50, so China wasn't too far off for that one