Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We haven't seen an update on the blog in a couple of days from China because Scott is struggling. He is mourning deeply! It is taking everything out of Doug emotionally that he has. Yesterday Doug tried to keep Scott busy so he didn't have time to blog, I assume. They went to the circus at night so they would have gotten back to the hotel very late. The day before, Scott melted down and cried all evening. Not just tears or a whimper but cried from the depths of his soul. At one point he cuddled up to Pierce and allowed him to give some comfort. In the morning Doug was able to stroke his head and Scott reached over and grabbed his hand and held it. Scott does want comfort. He looks to his family for that but it is still hard. So much lost and changed. I have to believe that he still wants a family because he turns to them in his distress but the mourning can not be avoided.

When Scott comes home I hope he will allow me to hold and cuddle him. He needs a mother's touch and the gentle words and songs given. Scott turns to his children's music the orphanage gave him.  It too gives him comfort. This tells me that Scott will respond to the voice of his mother. I feel it in my gut, maybe not the first day or the first week but it will come.

Let us all pray that Scott will feel some peace and that the difficulties of transition will be minimized. The Lord already suffered what Scott is suffering. Through our faith and prayers the atonement will be in force and an innocent young boy will experience the healing balm of the Saviors love. Though he will not know what it is nor the source it comes from Scott will be healed and strengthened. Some day he will know his Savior and he will be grateful.


  1. Thanks for the updates, even when they are hard. I think even though he is mourning, he is glad to have a family. It makes me think of the many times I dig in my heals when there is a change coming, even if it is for the better it can be very scary to leave what you know and whether we like it or not the known provides a bit of comfort. (Not to mention the whole teenage, hormone thing that is hard enough to deal with without a major life change.)

    Love you guys!

  2. Your Scott and family are in my prayers. I want to commend you for the young men you are raising. It is a true testament to your faith and your son's hearts that they are able to put their needs aside and offer comfort to Scott. The pictures of Pierce hugging and holding Scotts hand make this mother's heart smile. God is surely pleased.

    1. Thank you Suzanne! Both Creed and Pierce have gifts to bless others emotionally. Pierce especially has a tender heart and can not see others pain without trying to comfort. I now know there is more of a purpose than I understood to him being placed in our family where he is. I have no doubt that Creed and Pierce will be the older brothers and example that Scott needs. Thank you for your prayers!

  3. Oh, sweet Scott! ChnMing and I are praying every day for him, Doug, Creed, and Pierce. Doreen

  4. Prayers for his sweet heart Deanne!