Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's My Party I Can Cry If I Want To

Jason gave me the idea for this post. I really didn't want to write but felt like many of you deserved an update on the adoption. But first I'll start with our party. We have decided that we need a party to cheer things up and there are certain people that NEED to be invited today. First the bankers and accountants, Next, the pool cleaning guys and carpet cleaners. Last and at the moment the most important on my end, the sanitation department!

Why these lucky people you ask? Because they are the people that we wish were a part of our lives right now. :)) I'll start with the explanation of the bankers. I got an email in the middle of the night letting me know that Doug had to do some money juggling while in China. The part of our grant that was to pay the fees in China was wired to our guide and was supposed to be given to Doug prior to the fees being due. We were very grateful for that because money was tight when he left. The guide met with Doug yesterday about paperwork and told him to be ready to pay all the fees and gave him a list. At least I assume she gave him a list because that is what has happened in the past. Doug asked about the money that had been wired and the guide knew nothing about it. She called Richard and somehow he is out of town until Monday and the fees are due today. I can't imagine the stress for Doug!! So that is the need for bankers and accountants.

Pool cleaners, carpet cleaners and the sanitation department. Emma our 10 year old Downs daughter decided that instead of going to the bathroom no one would notice if she did her duty in her swimsuit, while swimming in the pool. She then got out of the pool dripping wet, remember she filled her suit, and walked in the house across a very big, giant by the time I was done, house. We came in the house not knowing what was happening and immediately smelled the problem. Emma, by then had tried to clean things up and left a HUGE mess!! Ressa, Jason and I all spent an hour and forty five minutes cleaning up. We used two chemicals and essential oils to take the smell out. By the way, the essential oils did the trick. Thanks Jen!! Unfortunately, our Rug Doctor blew it's $200 motor last week so I was left with a wet dry vac, spray bottle and a gallon size pitcher. So not fun.

I am now sitting here rereading the post and Ressa, Jason and Britton are talking about chunky chocolate ice cream. All I can do is laugh. Jason said that they need to make a Tshirt for me that says,
"I clean poop, don't messy with me". As you can see we need some comic relief tonight. It's been quite a day. Sorry for the crassness.

So, outside of going to the park with water fountains for the kids to play in and getting rained out. That is the highlight of my day. 

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  1. I wish I could be there in Utah relaxing with you and watching girl flicks. haha! Doreen