Sunday, October 16, 2011

We're Home and Transitioning Well

We finally made it home after being awake for 39 hours.  Doug and I didn't sleep more than an hour and the kids were going on 4 hours of sleep.  Bria was very emotional and cried at everything but Hyrum was his happy self and made friends with all the stewardesses and other waiting passengers.

While in the LA airport waiting Bria fell asleep.  She woke up crying and Doug walked around trying to get her to calm down.  It didn't work so we decided to walk to the next terminal. All of a sudden Doug felt something warm on his belly.  Pretty soon he was wet all down the front of his pants and there was a puddle on the floor.  It was so funny.  He looked like he had wet his pants.  We had the suitcases at this point so he was able to change his pants.

This morning when the kids woke up everyone was waiting at the door.  The four of us slept utill about 10:00am after getting to sleep at 3:00am.  It took no time at all for Bria and Hyrum to warm up to all the other children.  They now want nothing to do with Mom and Dad.  We have had to set down some rules that only mom and dad can do anything for them.  If they want a drink, something to eat or be changed it will be our job.  Hopefully this is enough to create the attachment necessary.  Both children are in heaven exploring things and finding out about their new life.

Now that it is two days later, there is a little more to say.

We went to church today intending on staying just for Sacrament meeting.  The kids did so well that we decided to see how they would do for the next two hours.  They did good but by the time we got home I could tell that they were feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Bria surprisingly chose me as her support for the main part of the afternoon.  By dinner she was back in Creed's arms until bed time.  Doug took a small turn but that was it.  Hyrum is being very much a two year old.  We are getting a lot of tantrums. Nothing big but he is sure to let us know when he wants something.  I haven't been able to get him to let me hold him without a fight unless he is dead tired. I think he is loving the newness of it all but is highly emotional as well.  I give it a couple of days until his emotional crash and he needs mom or dad.  This is quite a change from the little boy that wouldn't leave my side for the last 2 weeks even to take a shower and use the bathroom.  He was right there at the door saying hi and sticking his fingers in until I came out.  I want that little boy back.  He needs to keep doing this.

I am calling the social worker tomorrow to get our post placement done for all 3 kids this week.  Tuesday marks our 6 months for Olivia.  We are all anxious to get this legal and official.  I am hoping that we can get a court date for the beginning of November but no later than the middle of  the month.  Doing all 3 post placements at once will save us some money which will be a good thing right about now.

I worried about how Olivia would do while we were gone. I didn't know if she would back track or even what to expect.  Since we have gotten home she openly and often tells us that she loves us and missed us.  She wants lots of hugs and is truly happy.  She has a sparkle in her eye and I can tell she is feeling more secure.  What a blessing for her and us.  I can say that I really did miss her and now I feel an even greater love and normalcy with her than before we left.  I do believe the counsel that some professionals give in that the newest adopted child will feel more intact in the family when a new child takes their place by birth or adoption.   A little disclaimer, I know it doesn't always work but we were blessed this time. Olivia's adoption has really been the dream experience.  I give full credit to our Father in Heaven and the sweet spirit of a special little girl.

Father in Heaven does watch over us and guide our path.  It has been hard for me to trust that at times but I can no longer deny He is there in all things.  I know I will get impatient still and lose faith here and there but I am grateful for this testimony that I have to rely on.  Life is ever changing even still and we could be filled with great confusion and concern over certain aspects of life but  we are not.  This is not because we are strong or good but because the Spirit whispered it is all in the Lord's hands and we need only take life one step at a time.  I have decided to give in to this and just have faith.  There will always be something that can cause challenges but I don't want to live in fear anymore.  We want to live as some friends of ours do, with the attitude that "everything is great" as they lose their house and all they posses.  I choose to try and be more like that.

I just need to close this post expressing my love for my Father in Heaven.  I feel more inadequate today than ever before.  I have more responsibility to our Father and many of his children and hope that I can live up to the opportunities given to me.  With this I also know that my Father loves me and will not let me fall too hard.  He loves my children more than me and will inspire my thoughts and support my righteous actions.  With all my heart I want to live worthy to see him again some day and have him say "Well done thou good and faithful servant"

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