Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cultural Explosion

We had a great experience today with a day in the life of China.  This week is a holiday week commemorating the new government? It is equivalent to our Independence Day. We decided to go to a walking mall called Beijing Street.    I have never seen so many people at one time, even on conference weekend in Salt Lake City.  There was a sea of people.  Let me back up a minute.  The best way to get there was on the Metro or subway.  We were warned it would be very crowded and sure enough it was.  We bought our tokens and figured out the route we needed.  It was fun to be independent and free to go where we wanted to go.  We are told that most first time visitors to China won't go on the Metro but I highly recommend it.  It is fairly easy and a good way to get around.  We took a trip to Beijing Street then spent a few minutes at the People's Park before going back to the hotel.  It was so fun to see all the people in the activities of their choice.  We were in awe and had so much fun. I think the two things that were the most out of the ordinary in the US were the dancing and a woman leading park attendees in singing.  We wouldn't see things like that back home. 

The kids do so well when we are out that we really could spend all day sightseeing without a peep from either child. 

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  1. One thing my sister and I discovered in Sidney was that the trains were awesome. After driving around for three days getting very frustrated it was heavenly. We did have a few times where they had people squeezing us in, according to my sister, much like China. You will be so glad you got out to see things instead of staying close.