Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures and Fun

While we were waiting for our last flight in LA from China, with some very tired children, Bria began to cry and couldn't be consoled.  Doug started walking around with her but it didn't help so we picked up our stuff and tried to find a new location that would distract her.  We went down the elevator and as I was getting our things situated Doug felt something warm on his stomach.  I looked around and saw something dripping from the bottom of the front pack. Yep, Bria wet his pants! 

Ressa came home for the weekend and we pulled out the ice cream.  It takes a special occasion to have ice cream at our house. She served up a very small portion for Hyrum and a good sized one for herself.  They sat down to eat and Ressa tried to give Hyrum a bite.  He didn't want it.  He wanted a bite out of her bowl.  It didn't take too long for him to make it clear that he wanted her bowl not his. Thinking it was the color of the bowl that was the problem I took Ressa's ice cream out of the bowl and traded.  He would have nothing to do with that, he wanted the bigger portion of ice cream.  Who cares about the color it's the amount that counts.

Ressa telling her sister how much she loves her.

Tyler's birthday. Every birthday has to include gum!

Malia trying to get her sister to have some fun. 

This next group of pictures were at a park close to our home.

There is a lake at this park that we like to swim at.  Olivia and Malia were picking up rocks for Hyrum and Bria to throw in the water.  I don't think they have ever had the opportunity to do that before.  They loved it.

The kids love to play together.  When the social worker interviewed the children for the adoption she asked each one of them what their favorite thing to do was.  Most of the kids said to play games with their brothers and sisters. After the third child said that she asked what kind of games and they said balls, hide and seek, and other games.  She was pretty surprised that all the children love to do these things together.

Another thing they like to do is play dolls.  Creed, Pierce and Casey have grown out of that but the rest still love it. Now they have added Hyrum and Bria.

The kids on their first four wheeler ride.  They laughed and giggled the whole time.  After about 40 minutes of going around in circles Dad came home and I was able to get them off.

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