Saturday, October 8, 2011

Medical Exam

It was a pretty big day today.  We started with the passport photos and medical exams at 8:00 AM.  That took about 2 hours.  It all went really well until the TB test - they used a needle to inject the test syrum instead of the quick and easy pokey thing they use in the US.  We didn't prepare Bria for it and she screamed and couldn't figure out what just happened.  We were so sad.  Hyrum handled it much better since Deanne prepared him a little more for it and held him really tight before the needle poke.

After checking out Bria, the doctor told us that she had club foot like it was the first time we knew about it.  He felt a little embarrassed when Ann told him we already knew everything about her condition.  He was a very nice man and really checked out the kids pretty well.  They examined the kids in three different rooms - Height and Weight,  ENT, and a basic physical exam.  They have the health clearance to leave the country as long as the TB test comes back negative on Monday.  There is no bump so far so they should be good to go. 

Height and Weight check for Bria. 
Toe exam.  Her left foot has more deformed toes than her club foot.  We will learn a lot more after we have Shriners take a look at her.

The main doctor had to bring her back to have the other doctors watch her walk.

A cute boy at the door of the exam waiting room.
Deanne and Rob by the outside door.

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