Sunday, October 2, 2011


Our kids think blog posts that are all words are boring.  So here is one that is almost entirely photos.  Pictures say 1,000 words so here are 18,000 words.

Mom doesn't even get private bathroom time in the hotel!!  Hyrum and Bria would not leave her alone, just like home.

Hyrum loves washing his hands - it's probably that he likes to play in it. 

Potty time for Bria turned into tickle time from Hyrum.

Bria just being cute.  That's easy for her.

Bria helping Hyrum dry his hands.  It's hard to think of her being a year younger that him.  She is more advanced in many ways than she is.

Bria drinking a sweet milk.  That stuff is like runny sweetened condensed milk.

A good sign that she is attaching to us.

Slide at the hotel play area.  We think they will really enjoy the one we just put up at home.

After eating oranges and getting juice all over the table the kids took it upon themselves to wash the table.  They were running to and from the bathroom getting the wipes wet with the tub faucet having a blast. 

Bria at full speed....

Hyrum at full speed...

Their clothes were soaked.

Mom with her two new children in front of the waterfall at
The Garden Hotel.

It took him one time down the slide to figure out that he liked it - then it was pure love.

Hyrum just being cute.  That's easy for him. 

The knot on Hyrum's head after taking a tumble on the slide.  We took an oath from the government of China that we would not abuse or abandon the children.  It didn't take very long to break the first part of that oath.  

Just an example of the funny translations on signs.  We think they want us to stay out of the water fountains.


  1. You couldn't have waited to get the knot until you were home and it's too late to get them taken away? Better buy him a hat.

  2. I came on here looking for photos of these two new chinese babies I keep hearing about. I was not disappointed. They are absolutely precious!

    You should send that last photo to :)