Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tantrum Fun

Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or not so innocent.   This story had to be saved and enjoyed. One day when they are 18 they will laugh and laugh at this and so will we.

Any mother of a child of significant age will know the joys of a tantrum.  Well, it's been quite a while since we have had one because of the ages of children we have, until recently.  Since being home from China we have been able to enjoy many a tantrum from the newest additions.  Today we had some backtracking by one of the older kids, no it was not Ressa.  We got the best tantrum, EVER!

One of the children was having a hard time with something another child was doing. They decided to take action and began hitting and being mean to the second child.  Second child came to me to let me know of the injustice.  Well, of course I want to know about this kind of behavior.

Child 2 "Mom they are hitting me and being mean because, (who knows, I didn't get that far)."

Me to child 1 "You need to sit in the naughty step."

Child 1 "NO"

"If you don't go to the naughty step you will be in more trouble"

I then count to three and child 1 still refuses to sit.  I take them by the arm to lead them to bed. We get to the bed and the tantrum continued. Usually the children only sit in the bed for a short time depending on the offense. I walk out of the room and I hear this.

"I hate you Mom!"

Me with a smile  "OK, you can sit in your bed until dinner."  It is now 5:00pm.

Child 1 "I hate you worse!"

"OK, you can sit in your bed until after dinner."

Child 1with all the passion they can muster "I hate you worser!"

P.S. Pictures on the next post.  Sorry for the lack.  Life has gotten very busy. :)


  1. I know how you feel- my 14 yo thinks that his dad and I are the worst parents EVER because he doesn't get to go do everything his friends do, and we don't buy much in the way of "toys" for him. Some days it's hard to keep spreading the love when they bite back like that, but that's the glory of large families- maybe one or two kids are currently mad at us, but at least one will be loving Mom and Dad that day! Helps us keep our sanity :-)

    Keep on keeping on- you know what you're doing, even if they don't think so!! Michelle

  2. It is kind of cute when it is not you being yelled at. Good to know it happens to others also. :)