Friday, October 7, 2011

General Conference

 Everyone in this house looks forward to conference weekend. It's like another holiday. When we found out mom and dad would be gone for conference everyone was disappointed
they would be missing out. I think most of the kids were more concerned about missing out on mom's traditional conference cinnamon rolls than they were about missing mom and dad ;). My sister Ressa and I did make sure to make them but unfortunately we didn't put enough sugar so they weren't quite as good as mom's. 
These kids wanted to watch all four sessions of conference. It was pretty great. 
Throwing a football between Saturday sessions. 
 Taking turns doing tricks on the trampoline. 

 With bingo cards and a full cup of candy we are ready for the Sunday morning session.
 Playing games between Sunday sessions. This is what she had to do win the game "Would you Rather"
The highlight of any day: Skyping with my parents 

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