Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day.  The Branch here in Guangzhou had their conference weekend so we spent some time watching conference.  We tried last week but had a lot of problems with the streaming.  It took about 2 hours to watch 2 talks.  They were great talks but it loses some of the impact while you anxiously wait for the next 10 words.  Today was great.   We had a rough start but were able eventually to watch a whole session without any problems.  I can't say enough how much I love conference.  It is my boost and reminder of why I do what I do.  Today I was reminded again the importance of choosing the Lord's way and the happiness it will bring.

We got a few very cute pictures of the kids.  We saw some very good progress with Bria.  She began to try and interact with me and teased me several times.  At bed time we had prayer and they both were very quite.  I think they know what it is and the importance of talking with our Father in Heaven.  We laid them both down and I kissed Hyrum all over the face. After a minute he grabbed both of my cheeks with his little hands and looked me in the eye with a big smile.  He was connecting and giving love.  I next went over to Bria to say goodnight.  I hesitated to give her a kiss but decided to test the waters.  I kissed her and she giggled so I kissed her all over the face like Olivia taught me was important. (Thank you sweetheart for preparing me) She started to laugh and laugh.  That is a huge step for this sweet little girl.  Everyone please keep praying for both of the children.

We walked around a while showing a new couple where to eat and get snacks.  We wandered over to a park that I recognize from other families blogs.  It was amazing how beautiful and big it was.  We didn't bring the camera because we didn't think there would be anything to take pictures of so we are hoping to go back and spend more time there. 

After getting back our guide Ann called about the morning plans.  She asked what we did and Doug told her we played tour guide.  She was amazed at how much we are doing on our own. She said we are the most adventurous family she has ever seen.  Usually families are too afraid and tired to go out on their own.  She was glad that we have an interest in her city.  She said we are making her job easy because we took the new family on a tour so they would know their way around. It's nice to hear that we are making someones job easy.  I don't think the people at our agency would have felt that a month ago. :)  We have found out though why they were so busy and couldn't give us all the attention we would like to have gotten.  They have two families here right now that are adopting children that are aging out.  When this happens they have to pick up the child before their 14th birthday or are ineligible for international adoption by China law. These families will always take priority, understandably.

OK, here are the cute pictures.

Do they look like brother and sister, or what?

Bria already trying to follow in mommy's foosteps.

Hryum following in mommy's footsteps too???

Hyrum wrestled Bria to the ground when she teased him about taking his newly found blanket.

Bria taunting Hyrum to come give her some more.  Bring it on!

When he didn't jump on her, she came laughing and looking for a fight....and got laughs....

The sincere smiles are coming more often for Bria as the days go by.

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