Monday, October 10, 2011

TB and Shopping

You ask how TB and shopping go together.  Well, in the adoption world passing the TB test is a must to immigrate to the US.  If you fail then a chest x-ray is done and medicine is administered. It just so happens that on the island where the test is given there is also some good shopping.  We went early this morning to read the results of the TB test on the children.  All is well and we will be coming home.  Yippeeee!!

After we got done at the Medical Clinic we were taken to a government run store.  At these stores the guides get commission on all sales they generate.  Not only that the prices are very high.  We bought a couple of things and got out of there.  As stated by one of our group the sales people are worse than car salesmen.  They breath down your neck and insist on you buying things. When you say no they act as though you have just offended them.  They have many reasons why you must buy an item. It was ridiculous. We were very glad to get out of there.

We then went back to the island to sight see and do more shopping.  Funny thing, when we went to our first store we saw some of the same items for much less money.  Many people talk about Jordan's and rave about him.  I have now joined the Jordan fan club.  This guy was so nice.  He is someone that we could easily be friends with.  He is very welcoming and warm.  He also writes your children's names in Chinese characters and English.  For those that want to shop there but don't know how to find him that's OK. All the stores are named the name of the owner.  You will see Jordan's easily or you could ask your guide.  They all know him.

As we were checking out Doug asked if a suite case was OK to buy.  I said sure I trusted his decision.  Jordan thought that was great that we had that much respect for each other.  He also said he was blessed then quickly followed it up with the clarification that he was Christian and that's why he used the term blessed.  I quickly added we were Christian too.  Through the conversation he told us that he liked how grateful I was and the people in Guangzhou like that.  I guess most people aren't very grateful around here.  Doug and I discussed that once how no one seems truly grateful for things.  A simple gesture is just expected and an insincere thank you is given.

After walking around the island and more shopping we found our way to the Metro.  We had to walk down a street with all kinds of dried things. We had no idea what they were but they didn't smell so good.  We did recognize a few things like the sea horses, snakes, huge mushrooms and ginger.  We were told that was the medicine market.  I wonder what the sea horses are for.

Tomorrow we will be going to the consulate to finish up the paperwork.  We are almost done and ready to come home.  Wednesday we will pick up the kids Visas and pack to leave the next morning.  We still have several things we want to do and see but won't be able to fit it all in.  As the kids are getting more used to us they are also getting more squirmy and less patient so that will eliminate some of our activity options. It will be a fun busy time.

Both kids showed great progress today.  Bria is more emotional which is a good thing for her but with that she is also letting Mom Hug and kiss her more.  We bought her some squeaky shoes and she has been in heaven.  She loves her new shoes and runs around just to hear the sound.  I let her pick them herself and she wanted pink.  It's a good thing that I happened to buy her mostly pink clothes on accident.  I guess I love pink too.  We also bought Hyrum some squeaky shoes to grow into.  At first he didn't want to try them on.  He later tried to put on Bria's which became a problem real quick so I got his out and showed him they squeak.  He plopped down on the floor and stuck his foot out to wear his shoes too.  They both ran around the room squeaking.  It was so fun to watch them.  Hyrum is doing a little better today.  He needed me to lay with him to go to sleep and he laid on top of me and went right to sleep.  That was a first. He has wanted to do that but couldn't get comfortable.  Tonight he was at peace. Bria also let me hug and kiss her for bed but went right back to dad.  It was amazing the difference in her today.  I think we are starting to see out little girl come through at moments.  She was truly happy at one point today and could see and feel the true emotion. 

The kids asked to hear something funny so here goes.  I got poked in the eye!  Normally that is not funny but it was Hyrum's hair.  His hair sticks straight out and is stiff.  I was holding him on my lap and turned the other direction when his hair poked me in the eye.  It took several hours to quite hurting and is still irritated when I get tired.  He also hit me in my very broken nose twice now.  Dad said every child has to break my nose at least once.  I hope we can avoid that and have Olivia and Bria miss out on the experience.

A very welcomed all-American meal.  The shake was a little weak, but not bad. 

Bria's first taste of ice cream.

The old standby of apple juice.

Hyrum ready for his first taste of ice cream.

Not sure what to think of it....

Giving mom the evil eye and wondering what she just put in his mouth...

Hyrum hauling around our new suitecase we bought to haul around our new stuff and
haul it back to the US.

The gang at Lucy's Restaurant on Shamian Island.

Mom with our guide, Ann.

Hyrum making some freinds at the playground.

School children on Shamian Island. 

Very pretty (and expensive) porcelain.  Some of it was handpainted by a lady we watched right there in the shop.

This artist did some awesome finger paintings - we had to buy a couple.

Yes - these are seahorses.

...and more seahorses.

And dried snakes.  This was part of the medicine market.  It had loads and loads of all kinds of dried stuff that is used to make medicine.  No thanks.  I'll take a pill.

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