Friday, October 7, 2011

Experimenting at Home

Some days tend to be full of experimenting and hands on learning. The kitchen has constantly been sprinkled with several different ongoing experiments and then the equipment for several others. The convenient thing is a few of the kids are doing the same lessons so they can do the experiments together. 
 Our cousin Dalin unexpectedly stopped by the other day. Some how it came up that he needed a hair cut and he bravely let the kids do it for him.

Melting patrollium Jelly at different distances from the light.
 Growing mold and plants so we can later test acid rain
 Another mold experiment. One tests dark and light the other test warm and cold.

 The food coloring is climbing up the celery. I think it's pretty cool. 
 Just being silly
 We were learning about photography one day so I pulled out both my digital SLR and my dad's old film SLR. The kids loved seeing the inside of a camera and trying out what they thought was an ancient camera. This sure did make me miss my days in high school when I would spend several hours in the dark room. 
After having fun with the film camera which had no film Casey and Pierce wanted to experiment with the digital one. Here are a few from their photo shoot:

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