Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back on the Home Front

This is Sereen, the older daughter. My husband and I are here taking care of the kids while our parents are having their adventure in China. I posted a couple updates on my husband's and my blog of how things have been going here at home. Per my mom's request I am reposting those updates here for the rest of you who might be interested.

This is what I posted the evening of Wednesday, September 28th:

While my parents are off experiencing quite the adventure (picking up two children) in China, Jared and I are here having our own adventure. For three weeks we are the "parents" of ten children. They range from ages 15-5. Eight of them are home schooled. I'll admit I knew we could handle making sure the kids stay out of trouble and are fed but I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep the schedule going with school.

I am happy to say it has now been three days (of school) and things are going well. My mom hadn't had a chance to completely figure out the curriculum, due to many different complications, so we have had to be flexible. These kids are great. They have been so patient and willing to work hard. I discovered yesterday how to check up on their progress (most of their work is on the computer) and realized some of the children needed more direction. Today I said they would have to redo lessons and quizzes until they could pass with an 80%. Some of them had to redo it five times or more but not one of them complained. When I realized how many times they were repeating things I felt kind of bad and made sure to sit down and explain concepts to them and walk them through the quizzes. I love watching the learning processes. Even the children who don't think they're very smart truly do want to learn and will do what it takes with a little encouragement.

This really is a full time plus some job. Even though these kids have been well behaved and very helpful it is still tiring. We were up by 6:40 and I hadn't stopped to sit until about 45 minutes ago when I had to do some things on the computer. Yes, the house is a mess but I decided I should take some time to unwind and regroup so I can finish out the day with a genuine smile on my face. I know my mom will just say she does what she has to and that she's really not as amazing as people think she is but she's a hero in my eyes. I love you mom!

We're off to a good start and I am anxious to see what we can accomplish in the next couple weeks.

Now to rally the kids to make some dinner and clean this house.

Posted Thursday, September 29th:  
We have tried to make every day fun so the kids don't miss mom and dad too much. So far it has worked. It's also convenient that they are good at playing together and so easy to please. 
I didn't get pictures, but Monday night we took them to get ice cream from Macey's with a couple cousins and one of our aunts who is in town from California.  I'm not sure why Jared and I have lived a minute away from there for several months and never knew they had the best soft serve ice cream cones for only 47 cents!

The following day three of the boys went to play with their cousins and I took the four girls and Pierce to the Gale Center. It's a museum of the history of South Jordan. It was such a fun place to play. 

 Putting on his hat to go through the mine.

 Digging for gold nuggets and the random little balls of tin foil

 That is a real Buffalo skin  but the drum was way more exciting.

 We had just finished our school work for the day but for some reason it's still fun to pretend. 

 Why is it that one of the first things they think of when in an old school room is punishing each other with the yard stick?

 It was easy to submit to a whipping when Hannah had the stick but as soon as I grabbed he ran like a dog with his tale between his legs. I don't know why ;)

Unfortunately my camera died after this so I didn't get pictures of the grocery store, fishing, checkers, milking a cow, washing laundry, playing house, sack races, marbles, and jacks. (I'll have to get the girls some jacks.)
Here are a few pictures of a day of our actual school. Don't worry no beatings here.

  It's been a day shy of a week and the kids have been great! Last night after they went to bed Jared and I set up all these prizes for them to pick from in the morning. Toys and treats are all you need to get kids to behave ;)

 Or maybe it's this face that keeps them in line...

 As much as I wanted to get upset with him for making a mess this was too funny and there is nothing better for a kid than playing with soap suds. I laughed, took a picture and then asked him to do the dishes. He happily did them all.
 Playing with model airplanes.

 All the kids playing "office" together. Well... except Pierce (the legs hanging off the chair) playing DS.

They even have things to decorate their desks. I love that she chose a picture of the Savior. 
She is just too cute. Notice what picture she chose? Yes, that is a little picture of me. I don't think I'm vain, it just makes me feel good.
Tonight Creed is off to the High School football game and we just got back from renting Madagascar 2 for the kids to watch while Jared and I escape to go to the temple. Thank you Pierce for being willing to babysit.

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  1. Way to go Jared and Sereen! What troopers. The kids are lucky to be in such good, capable and goofy hands. Loved the picture Jared. :)

    We love you!
    The Cooks