Friday, October 21, 2011

Hero Mom

This is Sereen again. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how amazing my mom is and convince you why she's not only a hero to me but to many people around her. That's why I will just ask you to do me a favor.

Wednesday night my mom's cousin Alice nominated her to be Allstate's "Hero Mom." The winner will receive $2,500. To win my mom would have to receive the most votes. Which means we need as many people as possible to visit this link  and select "vote" next to the story posted by Alice of "I'm so funny (sometimes)" about DeAnne. You can vote once a day until November 4th. My mom is currently in second place but needs about 300 more votes to catch up with the first place. Your vote will count! you can also spread the word by inviting your friends to this facebook group.

Thanks for all of your support I know it means a lot to me and my mom.

Just to illustrate how big of a heart my mom has: Alice nominated her thinking my family could use the extra money for Christmas especially after having spent so much on the adoptions. My mom's first thought was to use the money to help someone else adopt. And that's why we all love her, always thinking of others!

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