Saturday, April 27, 2013

What A Great Day

Miracles happen!!

Today Gideon has made such great progress that the doctors and nurses are excited and astonished. Gideon has had many of his tubes and wires taken out today. He is now on 2 medicines, Tylenol and a narcotic for pain. That is it! He will be getting his drain tubes out in the morning as well as a couple of wires connected to his heart. These wires are connected to the heart and come out the lower chest to be connected to a portable pace maker if Gideon's heart went into arrhythmia.

By late morning Gideon was asking for water again. The doctor had said that as soon as he woke up a little he could have any amount of liquid he could tolerate. Gideon proceeded to drink over 16 ounces in an hour. He was then supposed to eat some fat to make sure his heart didn't act up afterword. We ordered up 2 orders of fries and as soon as the fries were even near Gideon he started shoving them down. He ate every fry! No one could believe it. While Gideon was eating his fries the surgeon came  to check up. He was very impressed with the progress and this is when he started ordering less medicine and IV's. Another doctor came in to check up  and he anticipates that Gideon will be out not too long after the weekend.We had been told that the average stay is 3 weeks and on the good side 2. This might be one week if all holds up.

I have been afraid this week that the bonding process would be hindered by the negatives of surgery. Gideon was mad at me at times but others so out of it that he didn't protest to the stroking and closeness. My favorite position was leaning over him with my hands on his head and heart while singing primary songs to him. He reacts so well to my singing to him. I have yet to have him so upset that he does not calm down before the first verse of "I Am A Child Of God" is over and we went through some tough moments of pain and frustration. Thought I liked this position it caused some great back and neck pain. I also found some muscles that have not been used enough lately. All of this sacrifice has been worth it. Tonight Gideon wanted me to cuddle up to him and kiss him. One time he said I love you to me. And to top all of these wonderful moments off, as I was leaving he said what I think means hug and held out his arms wide. I gave him a big hug and he was satisfied enough to wave good bye.

Needless to say, today was a fantastic day!  I didn't start too well with not much sleep and a nurse that very caustic to me. That will have to wait for another day if I choose to write it. My eyes are closing without my consent so I guess that means my body wants to go to bed and I am sleeping in. Doug gets duty for the morning and I get the afternoon and night.


  1. What a little sweetheart! So happy that things are going okay!

  2. What beautiful, glorious news! ;-)