Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Bad Heart Day

Today was a tough day for Gideon, or as many know him, Bergen. I understand that it was posted on the LWB Facebook page that Gideon is on his way home. Yes, Bergen is now Gideon. Well, Gideon woke up with a smile but very soon after started to fuss and get cranky and blue. That's somewhat normal for him in the mornings so we didn't get too concerned. As the morning went on he started to wheeze and be out of breath most of the time. We were scheduled for a shopping trip and because these symptoms have been pretty common we didn't get any more concerned than normal so went went anyway.

We were on Shamaian Island for our second stop and while there Gideon went up and down a ramp 3 times. it was maybe 4 feet long. After the third time he sat down on the steps and played for a couple of minutes. He stood up and started to cry a little and all of a sudden he cried out in panic and started to sway. I grabbed him as fast as I could before he fell down (he falls A LOT) and handed him to Doug. He has to have Doug when he isn't doing well. Not really, he has to have Doug all the time. He turned more blue than ever and his whole hands were purple. He was wheezing and couldn't catch a breath. We got very worried. From then on he never really recovered until late in the evening. By 2:00 pm he had three episodes like this. Even after that he still struggled and was not doing well.

We had scheduled with another family to go this evening to the area where the Asian Games are played. Just down the street is also an American store with a lot of American food. We are hoping to get some Benadryl for Gideon in hopes of getting him to sleep on the air plane home. If he sleeps he will do better breathing. If any of you know if Benadryl is OK for a heart baby PLEASE let me know ASAP. I won't give him any meds until I know it's safe. Back to the story. Because Gideon was doing so bad we chose to cancel the trip and stay in. We fed the fish outside and that seemed to help him some. We then went to Subway and brought it back to our room. Gideon was doing well enough that he ate quite a bit of sandwich and noodles for dinner.

He is now sleeping and we pray that he will have a better day tomorrow.

As far as bonding with mom, that too was a bad day. I could be no where near him without him telling me to go away. He was back to scratching and hitting me. It is so hard to have a child that needs your help but you can do nothing for them. I just hope that Gideon takes to me soon. Doug won't be there when we go to most doctor appointments and Gideon will need me when he goes in for surgery and hopefully surgery will be very soon!

Not too many pictures today.

The group stopped at this famous statue, at least for adoptive families.
Gideon freaked out at the children and wouldn't even go near. That's Ok, I didn't really want another picture at the statue. I know, I'm a party pooper.

While out shopping. This is how Doug's day goes.
Gideon looks good in these pictures. It's the first time today that he wasn't blue.
It only took a few more minutes and he was blue again.

Dinner. We don't let Gideon feed himself.
He is a disaster. When he is at home in the highchair he can feed himself again.
Carpet just doesn't clean well.

Gideon loves to put the pillows from the couch on the floor and use them as a seat.

Self explanatory.


  1. So sorry to hear it was a bad day. No fun. As a mom with a couple boys with small heart issues, I've never heard that Benadryl is bad but I would defenantly look into it. It just makes my younger ones irritable and have a harder time sleeping. Not quite what others experience. I've heard good things about Melatonin. It is suppose to be a natural sleep aid. My sister in law uses it occasionally and it works wonders. (Just make sure you read the directions. We didn't and it didn't work.)

  2. Love the shirt! :) Don't you love the light colored carpet? We put a towel down when ChunMing ate. You're almost home! I love you!

  3. I love that shirt I look forward to meeting my new cousin we are always looking at your blog hear in California. Gideon is soooo cute! Love Anna