Monday, April 15, 2013

A Very Difficult Heart Day

Last night Doug and I decided that we would wait two or three days to take Gideon to the doctor knowing that as soon as he was seen he could be admitted to the hospital. We wanted to give him a chance to rest and recover from the trip as well as adjust just a little to his new surroundings. After Gideon being asleep for 14 hours I started to get a little concerned but that was wondering if he would sleep tonight. Soon after Gideon woke up in a panic from his heart. He has never woken up with that problem since we have had him. He usually goes to sleep when his heart calms and rests it off. At about 16 hours of sleeping I decided I better try and wake him up but was still not too concerned about his heart only changing his sleeping pattern.

I took Gideon out to the family room and tried to get him to wake up without much luck. My brother and sister-in-law came over and I continued to try to get Gideon awake. I thought that the noise his cousins and brother and sister were making would do the trick. Not so. I tried changing him and that is when I noticed things weren't quite right. When I forced him to wake he turned a gray color and his hands, feet and mouth turned purple. I had not seen this coloring before. For the next couple of hours he went in and out of wakefulness without even fussing. That is not good for him.
When I put my hand on his chest and he didn't swat it away I knew things were very wrong. I was formulating how and when Doug and I would take Gideon to the Emergency Room. You need to know I don't got to the doctors easily. I only use them when it is necessary so for me to be thinking this it meant Gideon was very bad off. I planned on picking up the children from school in 45 minutes then meeting Doug on the way to the hospital. I didn't express my grave concern  as Devin, my brother, stroked Gideon's head and face. Gideon doesn't let us do this to him. After a time Devin looked up and there were tears. That started it for me, I too let the tears flow. All of us could tell there was something very wrong and Heather is a nurse. Devin asked if he could give Gideon a blessing. I was very grateful for his offer.

In our church the men are given the Priesthood. It is the power to act in God's name. A man needs to be worthy of this power by keeping himself clean morally and close to the Spirit. With the Priesthood he is given the privileged to bless others. This is what my brother did for Gideon.

During the blessing Gideon fell back to sleep and his color went back to his normal, not our normal but Gideon's. He slept for a while more then woke up doing fairly well. He wanted to eat for the first time today and drank quite a bit of water. From there he went in and out of the normal heart struggle. When Doug got home we chose to call the regular doctor in the morning to get Gideon in for a sick child visit and then get a referral for the Cardiologist. In that circumstance we can have more control over seeing a specific doctor instead of the emergency room staff. I don't just want the ER doctor or the on call Cardiologist. Heather is thinking that as soon as someone sees Gideon he will be admitted because of his coloring. People don't see children this age turning blue, purple and gray. In the states these things are taken care of at a very young age.We have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I know to a small degree what is coming but as we have learned, until you live something you just can't understand how hard it will be.

We are changing the school most of the kids are in to make things easier next year. If Gideon is in and out of the hospital then I will need the kids to walk to and from school. It's a good thing the principal changed this year because we tried the school once and pulled them out as soon as we could. We also have an in with the Superintendent. She will help us with whatever we need to have happen if it is reasonable. We haven't pulled this on the school yet but I may have to soon so all my children are on the same schedule. Emma being Downs attends a special class that is on a different yearly schedule than what we have been given for the last 5 years. We have the track system in our district so there are 5 different schedules for the schools.

It is now 11:20 PM and Gideon is wide awake. He is getting into anything he can and putting pens and pencils in the dog kennel. He just grabbed a handful of pens and turned to me and said, "See" then to Doug, "See Baba?" He is already using English.

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