Thursday, April 25, 2013

Surgery Update

We are in the surgery waiting room and just got an update.

Gideon is doing well. They are done with surgery and bypass is off!  He is still alive and will hopefully live to see many more days. :) They are in the process of sewing him up then will come and talk with us. We do know that he did not require his valve to be fixed so things were the least invasive of our options.

We are so grateful for the outcome so far. We have felt a sense of peace today and God has given us some support and distractions. Doug's sister came to see us and brought some food, music and a book. She was very inspired as to what to bring. While she was here I saw some friends come into the waiting room while waiting for their son to get hernia surgery. We were able to talk with them for a while and only a few minutes after Doug's sister left another friend sought us out to talk. This friend has also adopted many special needs kids and surprisingly he was in the Cardiac waiting room last night because his daughter was admitted for some problems. What a blessing to have all this support and the ability to keep our minds busy so we have no room for doubt.

Doug and I have both been filled with emotions of gratitude this week. There is so much to be thankful for. Even when we didn't know if Gideon would be a candidate for surgery or when we didn't know if he would live or die we can not forget the many blessing we have received and continue to receive. This has been a sacred experience that we will never forget. There is much questions still surrounding Gideon and many more difficult days but if we allow the Lord to continue with us we will be greatly blessed. We may not remember the details but we will always remember the feelings.

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  1. I am so glad he's doing well! I went to the temple yesterday and put his name on the prayer roll, and I am glad to see that the prayers are being answered!