Monday, April 29, 2013

Gideon's Home!!!

Amazingly, Gideon was released from the hospital this afternoon. There was a possibility of being released Sunday but the Cardiologist on the floor wanted to get another Echo done to be sure the surgery was holding up well. While we waited for the Echo Gideon went into VTach twice. I'm not sure what it stands for but it is when the heart starts to beat very fast. This was not a good thing and worried me considerably. Another Cardiologist that specializes in the electrical system looked things over. The information that she came back with was yet, one more surprise. Gideon has two right Atria, the top of the heart. Not a right and left but two right, one on the right and one on the left. Why I didn't suspect this after finding out he has two right lungs I don't know. We also found out that Gideon's spleens, yes multiple, are working. Yeahhh! No antibiotics for life. This Heterotaxy is a very weird disorder.

As I talked with the care professionals at the hospital I realized more and more what a miracle Gideon is and how unusual his recovery is. I am in awe that we went from not being able to do anything for Gideon. To there may possibly be something that can be done. Then Gideon will most likely not survive the Heart Cath so how do you want to handle resuscitation? To surgery in the next week or two. Surgery in the morning and recovery will take 2-3 weeks. To being home 5 days later. What a miracle we have been honored to be a part of. I was reflecting on this today and wished that we could stay as close to the Lord as we have been this week but I know that is not what this life is all about. There must be opposition. It is because of the opposition we have had that we understood the great blessing we have experienced this week.

The Lord has been near and we have felt His peace that passeth all understanding.  How did we have great peace as we talked with the surgeon? Or peace and a feeling of being in a holy place calming our son as we do his first Echo. Peace and gratitude for a doctor that was excited to help at the same time as giving us news that should have been devastating. Or have peace when we decide that we would send Gideon into the Heart Cath knowing we may never see him again but with all our hearts wanted to grab him and run so we could have even a few weeks more. How did we have peace as we were in the Cardiac ICU being surrounded by children fighting for their lives and parents filled with fear and sorrow. The angels are near and the Lord loves us. He has felt all our pains and sorrows and is always there to succor us. My love and testimony of our Father in Heaven and our brother and Savior Jesus Christ have for us has been deepend greatly. Would I do this again? YES YES YES!! I love my Gideon. Through him I have learned so much and will be ever grateful for my time with him.

We don't know what the future holds. There are many unknowns with Gideon's health. We were told today that we may have 10 years with Gideon the way he is. Technology is always moving forward. We don't know what the Lord has in store but we will take all that he has to give. I have thought about the story of Jarius's daughter in the New Testament quite a bit in my life. She was to be a miracle for the Lord. I have prayed that I too could be His miracle. Whatever that miracle looks like.We are willing to put our Gideon on the alter and hope and pray that we can be strong like Abraham. When the day comes that Gideon passes from this life we want to be grateful for the blessing of Gideon and never question the ways of God. This will be a daily prayer for me for the rest of my life.


  1. WOW! I am in awe.

    Welcome Home Gideon!!!

  2. What a wonderful blessing! Way to go Gideon!