Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last day with Ressa and Jason

It has been so fun to have Jason and Ressa here for a few days.  We knew it had to end and today it did.  We had them take our buffet breakfast again so they could have their last taste of almost American food for another 12 weeks.  We did oatmeal and apples in the room with Gideon for our breakfast.  Even though it isn't as nice as the hotel breakfast, in a way it may have been more enjoyable.  Being in a restaurant setting with Gideon isn't the most relaxing thing in the world.  We had the medical exam today so we met our guide at 9:00 and tried to beat the other 20 or so families also headed to the medical office this morning. 

They take pictures of each of the adopted children first then do the weight/height; ear, nose throat; general exam, then the blood test.  Good thing we had the photo first because Gideon was a mess by the time he was done.  He has seen enough doctors already in his life that he knows he doesn't like them so he was about the loudest child there and mostly cried for the first 45 minutes.  Then it was time for the blood test.  The doctor took him behind closed doors and he screamed solid for 15 minutes.  It was heartbreaking to hear "the doctors know what's best for the child" when they take your son away from you. I think they really just wanted us out of the way and to not interfere with them trying to comfort Gideon while they stuck a needle in him.  They also said they needed him alone so they could give him oxygen.  Well, if they allowed us to stay with him they wouldn't have needed oxygen quite so much because he wouldn't have cried so long.  If this was an English speaking situation, it would have gone much differently.

We got out of there in time for church so the 5 of us went to the Guangzhou Branch for expats that meets in a Ramada Hotel at noon.  We also took a new friend with us.  Sally is here with a friend adopting a 6 year old boy.  She is a strong Baptist and when she found out we were making plans to go to church, she wanted to go to with us.....even after she found out we were LDS!  She seemed pretty comfortable with the whole thing and she said she really enjoyed it.  We just did the sacrament meeting and Gideon was little noisy and chatty during the entire meeting.  The snacks kept him at bay a little bit and we almost ran out.  We realized that the Walker reputation for having quiet kids at church may be over in a few weeks....

Another family staying at this hotel found out Jason and I were preisthood holders and requested that we give her new little girl a blessing.  She also has a heart problem.  The wife is an active member and the husband was very appreciative of us doing that.  We were glad she asked.

Ressa and Jason and us took a walk to a nice park not too far away.  Came back for noodles in our room and they were off to Hong Kong to stay at his Uncles home so they can renew their visas and get back on a plane to their (China) home tomorrow morning.  It was tough for all of us to say good-bye....again!  But we were really glad it worked out to see them while we were here.  Gideon really liked both of them and now they won't be strange to him when they come home.

The best news of the day is that Gideon actually warmed up to Deanne pretty well today!  Yay!  There is nothing harder on a mom than when her child rejects her.  Even if that child has only been with her less than a week and her head tells her that this will pass, her heart can still be devastated.  I felt guilty whenever Gideon wanted me instead of her.  It's just not natural for young children to like dad more than mom, but we have to remember that orphans don't come from natural situations.  We have been praying for his physical heart, but I also pray that is emotional heart will recognize and accept the great love that his new mama has for him.  Today was a very welcomed step in that direction.

Deanne and I attempted to watch General Conference this evening, but the internet connection was not fast enough to stay ahead of the buffering, so we are downloading each session to watch later.  She conked out early tonight, which is the first time since we have been here, so the blogging was my job this time.  I apologize if it was not as enlightening as it is when she does it.  If I missed something, I will have her include it in the next one.
While walking through a park area we were stopped by this girl who desperately wanted a picture taken of he with Ressa. She was really sweet about it.  There were about 5 other friends with her and they also wanted a photo with us, so we all got in for a group photo after I took this one. 
It made us feel like movie stars.

Fun moment with his new mama.
(Now that I, Deanne, see this, I wouldn't have put this picture. I hate my hair up. )

Jason doing his best China man impersonation.  I think he would have bought the hat if it rained more up north where they are teaching school.

Gideon doing his business..... check Genesis 39:11.  That is Uncle David W's new favorite scripture.

Off to a great start at the medial clinic.  We were not sure who the doctor was talking to on the phone, but it gave Gideon more time to get worked up with anticipation.  I have the tie on expecting to go to church right after the medical appointment - it wasn't needed for the medical appointment.

Front desk at the medical office.  They have a much nicer facility than last time we were here.

Mom, Ressa and Jason in front of the Pavillion of Blood Sacrifices.  Not sure whose blood was sacrificed, but it looked cool.....

The photo on the left is a monument to the communist uprising in the late 1920's.   The building in the photo to the right is seen while standing directly behind the monument and stands just a few blocks away.  Notice the archetecture of the building and the similarity it has with the shape of the monument.  Maybe a coincidence....


  1. It's dub to hear from you, dad. What exactlyis that last building?

  2. I loved the photo of Deanne and Gideon. I'm proud of you Deanne for keeping it in the blog. :) The medical facility looks different than even we were there. Perhaps it is just the photo. David felt terribly guilty at ChunMing's complete acceptance of him. It's a whirlwind of emotions on all sides isn't it?