Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Easter bunny found Ress and Jason!

First, I have to thank my sisters for reading our blog and following along. It means a lot to me. I was ready to send out an email and see if you were all alive but your here, Thanks!!! I love my sisters.

Today was a very busy day!  We didn't get up unit after 7:30 am. It was so nice to get the sleep but I didn't like getting such a late start. We sent Ressa and Jason down to the breakfast at the hotel for some good food. When they came back they discovered that the Easter bunny found them. He must have looked hard because it took a few days to catch up with them. :) We brought some Easter candy and collapsible baskets and hid Easter baskets for them. It was fun to do but a very short Easter celebration. Gideon got a basket too but he won't eat the candy. Good thing.

Ressa and Jason had to get train tickets to Hong Kong for early Monday morning to renew their Visas. It was very interesting to go to the train station. It was so dirty with a sea of people. One thing I don't like about China is all the cigarette smoke. No matter where you go you can't get away from it. The train station was no different. We waited in line for a while before they got to the window. Jason asked if the guy speaks English, it was obvious that he had no idea what Jason even said. Jason got no where so we went back to the concierge desk at our hotel. They got it all worked out and should have no problem getting to Hong Kong.

We then went to a giant book store so Ressa and Jason could get some books. There was a small area that had all English books. It was fun to be there and see the collection of books available to buy. Most of them were classics. I went to the children's section and realized that we have most of the books that were there. After the book store we rode the subway back and got Subway sandwiches for dinner. We are now just staying in the room and taking it easy for the evening.

Gideon had a hard time this morning with his heart. After finding the baskets he carried his around for a short time and got more and more winded. His face, hands and feet all turned blue and he couldn't even keep his balance. He wanted his daddy to lay on the bed with him. Gideon was the one to suggest the bed. Sitting in mom's lap to cuddle was not OK. He really likes his dad best right now. In 15 to 20 minuets he got his color back. Later in the afternoon he tried to run down the hall to our room and got winded again and started wheezing. He turned blue again but not quite as bad. He recovered fairly quickly  but I am always on the watch to see how his color is doing.

Doug was able to get our oxygen pillow filled up this afternoon so when Gideon has another episode we can take care of it more quickly. We knew there was a medical clinic in our hotel but were surprised at how good it was. When Doug came back to the room with the oxygen he was very impressed. I guess this clinic is more than expected and have anything we would need if Gideon had a problem. They were professional and helpful.  Our guide, Richard, told us about a medical facility in the hotel and called it a hospital, but we thought that word is just what he used to describe a small office or clinic.  But it really is a small hospital with beds and multiple doctors.  Doug said that he just wanted to cry in gratitude for how they were taking care of us and that Gideon would have what he needed. We are going to tell our agency and everyone that we can that the Garden Hotel is the place to stay if your child has a special medical condition.

Gideon is so cute!!! He has a fun personality and smiles easily. He likes to tease but not as much as Hyrum. We have all fallen in love with Gideon. Ressa is fast becoming a favorite of Gideon's. He likes to play with both Jason and Ressa and has let Ressa carry him. It has been so fun to play with him today and see his trust grow. He still wants dad when tired but wanted me to hold him for quite a while today. He lets either of us feed or take care of him. We started referring to ourselves as Mommy and Daddy so we didn't replace the foster parents before he was ready. Today I called Doug daddy and Gideon said something in Mandarin and called him Baba. That was so good. I also said something about me being mama without thinking  about it and Gideon smiled and buried his face in Doug's chest. He was embarrassed but pleased. He is doing so well.

We will still continue working on his hitting, scratching, and pulling hair. It seems to be getting a little better but I'm sure it will get pretty bad once we get home and Gideon is dealing with older siblings. No matter what, he is really cute.

This photo is from our hotel room in Hafei.  It doesn't really fit in this post, but it was interesting nonetheless.  Most of the property behind the white building looked like a garbage dump or recycling business, but under that blue metal roof is a car wash.  Well, OK, a guy with a hose.  And by the looks of most of the cars around Hafei, its probably the ONLY car wash in a city of 5 million people.

Jason on the hunt for his Easter basket.

Ressa found Jason's basket...

so Jason had to keep looking for Ressa's.

We presume this is Gideon's first Easter basket.

Just a handsome picture.  No story behind it except this is the reason we are here!

Crazy busy train station with Mom, Ressa and Jason in line to figure out a trip Jason and Ressa have to take to Hong Kong this weekend to renew their visas before they return to Xingtai.

Another cute picutre of Gideon and his Easter basket.
Crazy busy underground mall.  This place was a huge shopping area connected
to one of the subway stations. 

Deanne noticed the phrase "In Learning We Trust" on an ad in the subway.  What contrast from the phrase we are familiar with.  It gave us one more indication that God is hard to find in the society that is
modern China. We are grateful that we know God and are learning to trust in Him.

P.S. Deanne typically writes these posts (that's why they don't always flow or make sense) and Doug posts and captions the pictures. Just for your knowledge.


  1. It's not just your sisters reading :)

    I read them all and keep Megan informed and show her pictures. Occasionally I show Desi things too.

    Can't wait to meet Gideon! I was fortunate enough to meet Chun Ming last Saturday, He's such a happy playful kid!

    - Dustin

  2. I'm reading too, just don't comment. Glad things are going well.

  3. And of course the kids check the blog every day! We love that it's going well and pray for you every prayer :)

  4. You are not alone. :) We may not be there physically, but we are with you in spirit. It brings back so many memories from not so long ago. Just knowing your loved ones are following you on your journey brings strength. I had no idea that the Garden Hotel had such a medical facility. Just for fun, let Gideon play in the rocks in the lobby display and watch the staff squirm. Just kidding; that would be rude. ChunMing couldn't keep away. The rocks were too tempting and he had pockets to keep them safe.

  5. I should mention that Darci is also reading your blog, but cannot comment from her computer for some reason. She used mine while I was there, but now I am back home, so you won't hear from her unless she emails.